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Test (assessment) template

Test (Assessment) Template presents a course in the form of a quiz or an exam. A list of all or a number of questions is shown to a learner.

Written Olga Kuzmenko

Test (Assessment) Template features at a glance:

  • This template can be used to create a quiz or an exam.
  • Content pages are not shown, only questions.
  • All questions are shown on the same page.
  • You can limit the number of attempts, randomize the order of questions and answer options, and set a timer for the assessment.
  • You can provide overall feedback in the course afterword. Immediate feedback for correct/incorrect answers is not shown.
  • Certificates are not yet available for this template.

assessment flow

Test (Assessment) Template in action

When learners launch a course, the introduction is shown, if any. Then learners can click Start Assessment or just scroll down to see the questions. The list of all or a certain number of random questions from all sections will be shown on one page.


If the Exam mode is applied to the assessment, no hints will be available.

Exam mode

If the Quiz mode is applied, learners can click Show hint to see the learning content of a corresponding question. The Show hint button is available only if learning content is added to the question.


Having answered all the questions, learners can click Submit to finish the assessment and see their overall progress.

Learners can also see the course afterword and check which questions have been answered correctly and incorrectly.

Learn more about the course afterword here.


You can customize the assessment course on the Configure step > General settings in the course editor.

General settings

  • Quiz/Exam mode. In the Exam mode, a learner can’t see any hints. In the Quiz mode, a learner can see hints or learning content added to questions (via the Content field under the Question Response fields).


  • Question pool. You can choose whether to show all the questions available in the course to a learner or a certain subset of random questions.
  • Question order. You can randomize the order of questions (on every attempt).
  • Show answers from the previous attempt. You can choose whether to show or reset answers from the previous attempt.
  • Set a time limit. Use this option to set a specific time limit that a user will have to complete the course. The timer will be shown in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Number of attempts. You can set a certain number of attempts or allow an unlimited number of attempts.


Under the Design tab you can edit themes, branding (logo) and fonts.

Results tracking

Results tracking settings are outlined here.

Click here to preview the assessment course.