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Personalized learning template

Personalized learning template presents all questions in the pre-assessment mode. Based on the results, the study advice is shown.

Written Olga Kuzmenko

If the Personalized learning template is applied to the course, a learner will see the list of all questions in the pre-assessment mode. Based on the results of the pre-assessment study advice with the weak points of the learner will be presented. In order to make the most of this feature don’t use content items, but add content directly to questions.

NOTE: Question feedback (the info that you add as Question Response) is not shown immediately after a learner answers a question. You can add more info that will help a learner to answer a question correctly to Content instead of Question Response. After a learner submits the course, a list of all questions that he’s answered incorrectly will be presented with Recommended reading (additional info that you add to Content).

Question content

When a learner launches a course, the introduction page is shown first, if any. From the introduction page, a learner can start the course by clicking on the Start pre-assessment button.


Only when all the questions are answered a learner should click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page.


When the answers are submitted, the progress per learning objectives/sections is shown to a learner.

recommended reading

Under each learning objective Study Advice can be found. When you click Start in the Recommended reading area, you’ll see Study Advice. The list of questions per learning objective/section that are answered incorrectly is displayed there. A learner can open each question separately, read the learning content, and answer the question again. A learner has an unlimited number of attempts to answer the questions. Study Advice can help a learner to accomplish learning objectives and complete the course.

Study advice

When you click Finish course the overall progress of the course and progress per learning objective are shown.


In addition, on the Design step of the course editor, you can edit branding by customizing the course logo and changing background.

Course editor

Click here to open the course to which the Personalized learning template is applied.