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Co-authors can leave in-app comments

Gather and share feedback on your Easygenerator courses directly in the editor.

Written Olga Kuzmenko

Collaboration and sharing feedback has never been easier! Team members can gather consolidated feedback and respond to comments after making changes directly in the course editor.

Note: This feature is available in Team and Enterprise plans.

How to add in-app comments

Co-authors can leave comments on every course item, like an introduction, afterword, question, etc.

add comments

How to mention other co-authors in comments

In Easygenerator, you can use @mentions to tag other co-authors when you post a comment or a reply, directing your comments to specific people.

To mention someone, type @ followed by the person’s name or email address. A list of co-authors will appear as you type. Select the person you want to mention from the list.

A person mentioned in the comment receives an in-app notification and an email.

How to view comments

For your convenience, all comments and responses are available in one place – in the Comments pop-over. You can easily filter them by showing them all or only from co-authors / external reviewers.

When you view a comment, you can see a clickable title of a particular page they commented on, so you know where exactly to make changes. When ready, you can reply to or resolve the comment.


Another easy way to view the comments is by clicking on the green circles next to the content items in the course editor. The green comment bubbles work exactly the same way as the Comments tab and allow adding replies, resolving, and deleting comments.

Notifications about new comments and replies

The course owner and co-authors always stay updated and are notified about new comments and replies by email and in-app.