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We save you time by offering ready to use courses to onboard new employees, make your team GDPR compliant and get your company values across.

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30% of new hires will leave within 6 months without a great onboarding program.

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  • Interactive drag and drop elements
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  • Built-in result tracking
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  • Real-time collaboration
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  • Shared resource library
  • User management
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  • Onboarding training
  • Course creation training
  • Project consultancy

Onboard, don't waterboard

Offer your onboarding program in fun bite sized learnings. Instead of one big boring PowerPoint slidedeck.

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“Empowering your employees to create learning content is a true game changer.”
Kasper, CEO Easygenerator
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Capterra is the largest review site for businesses, Capterra’s user base rated Easygenerator the most positive over competitive authoring tools in July 2018.

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Hi my name is Joni and I’m onboarding expert at Easygenerator. I help companies like T-Mobile, Unilever, and Philips, but also smaller companies to set up their training program for new employees. Ask me anything!

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