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Employee-generated Learning

Your employees are the people with the most expertise. Leverage their knowledge and empower them to create e-learning content with the easy-to-use authoring tool, Easygenerator.

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Fulfill more learning needs
It can be challenging to keep up with the training demand. Employee-generated Learning helps you to keep pace. With staff creating training, you can meet learning needs that can’t be fulfilled centrally.
Courses Created
Resources that give you a head start
Kickstart your creation process by choosing a topic from our pre-made templates or transform your existing PowerPoint presentations into interactive courses with our PowerPoint import feature
Free course templates
Let our course templates guide your creation process from start to finish. Pick a topic, customize, and share!
Import PowerPoint
Import your PowerPoint presentations and transform them into interactive e-learning courses in a few clicks
Create and maintain training faster
By combining Employee-generated Learning with an easy-to-use authoring tool like Easygenerator, employees can create and maintain e-learning on the fly.
Cut costs on e-learning creation
When employees capture their knowledge to create training, you have more capacity, faster turnaround, and higher quality content. No more prohibitive costs or long wait times from third-party vendors.
Create an inspiring learning culture
Employee-generated Learning turns employees into the owners of their growth. Support this globally to build a learning culture.
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Check out what our customers say about us
If we wouldn’t have started with Easygenerator, we wouldn’t be able to produce as much content to train our customers and service providers as we are now.
Cecilie Tystad
Training Director Sales & Service, Electrolux
This is the first time I see a solution that can finally answer all my problems. You don't need to be an expert to use it.
Frédéric Hebert
Head of Digital Learning, Danone
Easygenerator made things easy. It is easy to drag and drop and to start understanding on your own just by trying things.
Marion Moulin
L&D Program Coordinator, Sodexo
The beauty of Easygenerator is the ease with which you can use it.
Jenny Allen
Market Access Excellence Director, AstraZeneca
We could easily have spent AU$500,000 on risk-related training in the past few years. Currently, we're on track to spend less than $100,000.
Rob Jack
Principal of Risk Culture and Capability, BHP
Everyone is happy because we can tailor the training specifically to our operations and company while also saving money.
Federico Bevilacqua
Commander, GlobeAir