Employee-Generated Learning

Imagine this: you can fulfill all learning needs at your organization, scale L&D efforts globally, and create and update training fast and agile. Did you know that is entirely feasible? All you need is the right approach to e-learning.

What is Employee-generated Learning?

Your employees are the people with the most expertise. Leveraging their knowledge is a great way to train your workforce. You can do that by encouraging them to create training: we call that Employee-generated Learning.

Why Employee-generated Learning
Employee-generated Learning has a lot of benefits. For one, companies using Employee-generated Learning have increased their training output drastically. They achieved this because of the following benefits.
  • Fulfill more learning needs
  • L&D has more impact
  • Create and maintain training faster
  • Cut L&D costs
  • Create a learning culture
L&D can fulfill more learning needs

It can be challenging to keep up with the training demand. Employee-generated Learning helps you to keep pace. With staff creating training, you can meet learning needs that can’t be fulfilled centrally.

L&D has more impact

When employees create training, L&D can shift their focus onto efforts such as global strategic learning. No more time spent on creating and organizing training, now your L&D initiatives can thrive.

Create and maintain training faster

By combining Employee-generated Learning with an easy-to-use authoring tool, employees can create and maintain e-learning on the fly. Our customer T-Mobile even produces training five times faster.

Cut L&D costs

When employees capture their knowledge to create training, you have more capacity, faster turnaround, and higher quality content. No more prohibitive costs or long wait times from third-party vendors.

Create an inspiring learning culture

Employee-generated Learning turns employees into the owners of their growth. Support this globally to build a learning culture. Our customer Nielsen did so as well.  

Employee-generated Learning and Easygenerator
To embrace Employee-generated Learning, you need an e-learning tool that allows everyone to create training. Easygenerator is such a tool. Together, Employee-generated Learning and Easygenerator put employees in the driver's seat of their growth and let L&D approach learning bottom-up organization-wide.
Zero learning curve

Easygenerator has no learning curve and a drag-and-drop feature that make it simple to create training. Most things, like branding and configuration, can be standardized. That means authors can purely focus on creating content.

Easy collaborating

When you collaborate to create effective training, it would be ideal to work with just one tool. That is possible with Easygenerator. It’s one tool in which you can co-author, send messages, track versions, and more.

Support from customer success

Our Customer Success Managers offer support via phone, chat, or email 5 days a week, 19 hours a day. They even help you with setting up a successful onboarding track. Together, you will determine your needs, set up your project, and get started with our tool.

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