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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
The smart and easy e-learning solution for Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
Create and share your e-learning with ease and confidence. Easygenerator gives you oversight into the process from start to finish, all within one intuitive tool.
We empower the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals industry to seamlessly create and share regulated e-learning material
Create with ease, share with confidence
Working with external providers to create e-learning content can be cumbersome and insecure. With Easygenerator’s easy-to-use solution, your own employees can create and share custom e-learning content. Now, knowledge stays where it belongs.
Control the process from start to finish
Turning confidential information into e-learning should be regulated and monitored. With co-authoring and user-management features, Easygenerator gives you oversight into the entire creation and sharing process to be sure your content meets every requirement.
Seamlessly complement your learning ecoysystem
In a fast-paced industry, it’s important to make access to training as simple as possible. Easygenerator offers numerous opportunities to integrate your courses with existing software so employees can easily access the right information at the right time.
Customer case summary
How to train 300 account directors?
Jenny and her new team were responsible for training for 300 AstraZeneca account directors spread out across the United States. But how do you train directors who live and work in different places, with different time zones? Jenny needed to be able to centralize training. She started looking for a simple-to-use tool that her team could use to author and share content. The tool also had to allow them to engage their learners and track their results.
A cloud-based authoring solution
Jenny soon decided to adopt Easygenerator because it met all their needs, while also providing an excellent service experience that exceeded their expectations. Today, Jenny is particularly satisfied with the professional technical support that she and her team receive from Easygenerator. Apart from that, she loves the fact that she and her team can create, host, track, and report on all their e-learning activities without the need for an LMS or other integration.
100% tracking and $200,000 saved
With Easygenerator, Jenny and her team can centralize training, make engaging and interactive content, and get feedback from learners to improve their courses. The team has gone from zero trackings to 100% tracking over the past two years. With her small team, Jenny has managed to save AstraZeneca $200,000 on outsourcing costs in 2018 alone.
Ebook: The real costs of e-learning: In-house vs. Outsources
To create highly specialized and industry-specific courses, working with an external provider can be costly given strict requirements and expensive course writers. Fortunately, this does not need to be the case. Our experts revealed the costs associated with e-learning creation so you can decide the best approach for your organization. Get the e-book now!