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We empower L&D teams in Consumer Goods
Easygenerator’s easy-to-use authoring tool enables L&D teams to elevate e-learning experiences while maximizing time and budget
Create and maintain every e-learning need at the speed of the consumer goods industry
Maximize your L&D budget
Creating course content can be costly without the right processes. Save more of your L&D budget by empowering employees in the business to share their knowledge and create quality course content independently.
Fulfill 100% of learning needs
With a limited team and numerous requests, L&D departments typically only meet 30% of training needs. By enabling internal staff to create content in Easygenerator, 100% of training requests can be met, and faster than ever.
Maintain and update training faster
With new products frequently being released, training needs to constantly be maintained and updated. Create and update content five times faster with Easygenerator by empowering your employees to design content.
Customer case summary
Rapid content production
As a company that thrives on rapid innovation, Electrolux needed to find a way to quickly create and update training content to be sure their partners were informed of the latest changes.
Effective training for a wider audience
Electrolux decided to adopt a blended learning approach. Through Easygenerator, they were able to increase the reach and effectiveness of their training operations.
A more successful and cost-saving approach
Using Easygenerator as a key component for training their partners, Electrolux achieved greater scalability, better ROI, and a more personalized learner experience.
Cecilie Tystad

Training Director Sales & Service, Electrolux

"If we wouldn’t have started with Easygenerator, we wouldn’t be able to produce as much content to train our customers and service providers as we are now."

Cecilie Tystad, Training Director Sales & Service, Electrolux

Ebook: The guide to Employee-Generated Learning
To meet the ever-growing training demand in the consumer goods industry, L&D teams need to take advantage of every resource available. With Employee-Generated Learning, you can scale your training output by leveraging internal employees. Check out how easy it is in our free guide!
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