Ultimate guide on selecting an authoring tool

Across industries, L&D experts embrace e-learning authoring tools to accelerate their learning and training approaches. But how do you select the right software for your organization? Let this e-book empower you in making an informed decision.

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Know your organization's and learners' goals

The first step in looking for suitable e-learning authoring software is to find out what your organization’s and learners’ goals look like. Analyze and define those goals to see where you are and want to go.

Identify the problems you want to solve

Authoring tools strengthen L&D projects, reduce costs, and solve other challenges. Define what you are trying to solve to find out what software can best help you overcome your challenges.

Compare authoring tools and partnerships

Compare key authoring tools and try them out to find out which works best. Discuss the characteristics of your partnership with the organization behind the tool you chose.

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