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Easily convert your PDFs into SCORM courses
Enhance your learners’ experience by creating engaging e-learning from PDFs to upload to your LMS.
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Why convert PDFs to SCORM in Easygenerator?

With Easygenerator, creating SCORM courses from a PDF is more intuitive than you think. Since we believe leaving a PDF ‘as-is’ is not enough, our drag’n’drop editor makes it quick and easy to create interactive SCORM courses from scratch to upload to your LMS.

Do more than copy and paste
When transforming your PDF to SCORM, re-think the content of your course. To enhance the learning experience, include interactive elements and add your company branding.
Keep learners engaged
Simply reading through a PDF document is not enough to give learners the training they need. Choose from 10 interactive question types to assess your learner’s knowledge and keep them engaged.
Gather valuable insights
A PDF document cannot monitor your learners' progress. Our tracking engine gives insights into learners’ performance and engagement to identify feedback and which courses need improvement.
PowerPoint to SCORM in a few clicks
Transform your PowerPoint files into interactive SCORM files with Easygenerator’s PowerPoint import feature. Upload your file, seamlessly incorporate interactive elements and download as a SCORM file.
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