Course templates
Choose template, customize it, and get employees up to speed with the topic.
COVID-19 prevention
Ensure employees know the basics about COVID-19 so they can do what they can to keep themselves and their co-workers healthy and safe.
Performance management training template
Create the most workable performance management templates for your company and train your managers to measure their team's performance.
How to set OKRs
Creating Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is essential to organizational success. Learn how to create and track OKRs effectively.
How to conduct a job interview
Become an expert in conducting a job interview from preparation, to during the interview, to following up.
How to become an effective listener
Learn some tips and strategies to use in your next conversation to listen effectively and retain important information. 
Employee handbook template
Give employees all of the information they need to know about the company's mission, policies, expectations, and more!
Giving effective feedback template
Learn how to give employees effective and constructive feedback to help them improve and succeed in their roles.
Recruitment in a virtual world
Become an expert in recruiting, hiring, and onboarding employees in a virtual world.
Employee development plan template
Support your employees' careers with a development plan to outline their goals.
Strategies for Employee Retention
Learn some best practices and strategies to improve employee retention in your organization.
A guide to an ergonomic home office
Set yourself up for success with an ergonomic home office designed for maximum productivity and comfort.
Virtual collaboration training template
Teach employees the tricks of the virtual collaboration trade.
Mental health during COVID-19 template
Increase your knowledge of mental health and get tips on improving your and others' wellbeing.
Onboarding training
Help new staff to get up to speed fast and understand what is expected at your organization.
Return to work guidelines
Prepare employees to return to the office and keep federal, local, and your organization's restrictions in mind.
Build a safe and accepting environment for employees with this anti-harassment training template.
Product management
Effective presentation skills
Give employees the skills they need to become masters in public speaking and giving presentations.
E-learning storyboard template
Start creating e-learning storyboards to streamline your e-learning creation process and strengthen the impact on learners.
Company pitch deck
Grab the attention of potential investors or venture capitalists with an A+ overview of your company.
Creating effective virtual presentations
Learn to create and deliver virtual presentations that will keep your audience engaged.
The foundations of teamwork
Teach employees the best tips for working in teams to make for a smooth and successful project.
Leadership training
Present leaders with the basics of organizational leadership and an outline of a leader’s role.
COVID-19 prevention
Ensure employees know the basics about COVID-19 so they can do what they can to keep themselves and their co-workers healthy and safe.
A guide to effective online meetings
Give employees the needed knowledge and advice to make hosting and attending digital meetings a success.
Switch to digital training: a blended approach
Teach employees what they need to know to be able to work productively from remote locations.
Remote productivity training
Teach employees what they need to know to be able to work productively from remote locations.
Intercultural Awareness
Increase employees' cultural awareness, so they understand each other's culture and collaborate better.
Communicating with customers over chat
Chat support is becoming a preferred method of communication. Learn how to enhance your customer experience over chat.
Phone skills for excellent customer service
Train employees to provide the best customer service over the phone with phone etiquette tips and best practices.
How to write a customer service email
Become an expert in writing service emails that help your customers and keep them happy. 
Effectively managing customer complaints
Dissatisfied customers in a business are often inevitable. Learn how to effectively manage these complaints and keep customers happy. 
How to develop a Growth Mindset
Increase success and always keep improving by learning how to turn your Fixed Mindset into a Growth Mindset with a few simple steps.
The basics of Excel
Working with Excel cannot always be easy. Learn some tips, tricks, and basic formulas to get started! 
Call center training template
Teach your employees the fundamentals of providing the best service and support over the phone.
Change management during crisis training template
An introduction to operational change management during crisis, including challenges and best practices.
Code of conduct template
Learn about the four pillars of Code of conduct to customize and create your organization’s own guidelines.
Anti-bribery and corruption template
Familiarize employees with your company's anti-corruption and anti-bribery policy and help them recognize and mitigate associated risks.
The power of feedback template
Train everyone within your organization to give each other constructive feedback.
Intro to project management template
Learn how to take leadership over a project and make sure that it runs smoothly from beginning to end.
Customer Support
Train customer support reps to do their best job, retain as many customers as possible and increase overall customer satisfaction.
Forklift safety
Arm employees with the knowledge and skills they need to operate a forklift on the job safely.
Fire safety training
Equip employees with the knowledge and skills to manage and extinguish a fire at home or work.