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The best e-learning software for Mac

Did you know that Mac users now have access to practically all the same e-learning tools and resources available to PC users? Let’s take a look at the e-learning software for Mac.

Kasper Spiro
e-learning for Mac

The e-learning industry is a lot more Mac-friendly than you might think. If you’re a frustrated Mac user in search of some help, here’s a quick-start guide for you. Let’s look at the best Mac-friendly tools to cover all your e-learning authoring needs.

E-learning authoring tools for Mac

When it comes to e-learning authoring tools for Mac, Mac users have more and more options available to them nowadays. That’s because of the rise of cloud-based/SaaS solutions that users can access through their browsers. Since installation is no longer a factor here, there’s not much that can go wrong. Tools like Easygenerator, Lectora, Elucidat, Adobe Captivate, and Articulate Storyline/Rise are all completely Mac-compatible, to name a few.

Video editing software for Mac

Video is a powerful learning tool that more and more e-learning professionals are embracing. A well-made video tutorial can quickly guide a learner through a process step by step far more effectively than a presentation or written instructions. Plus, video is highly compatible with the new microcontent trend (providing short, highly condensed pieces of information on very specific topics). Mac users can benefit from many video editing options, including Camtasia, Madcap, iMovie, Shotcut, and Openshot.

Choose the right authoring tool

Our experts created the ultimate guide to help you select an authoring tool that fits your organization’s needs.

Screen recorders and microphones for Mac

A screen recording is a great way to create a step-by-step tutorial, guiding learners through a specific on-screen process. For Mac users, there are several options out there. To create annotated tutorial screen recordings on your MacBook, check out OBS, Apowersoft Screen Recorder, Monosnap, VLC or Snagit. To record flawless voiceovers, you’ll need a Mac-compatible microphone. Hardware compatibility still poses some issues for Mac users, but fortunately there are some great solutions on the market, like the Apogee (designed specifically for Mac) or Samson Meteor USB desktop mics.

E-learning tools for iOS

Given the enormous popularity of the iPhone and iPad, iOS-compatibility is very common for most cloud-based e-learning solutions these days. A few vendors who really go the extra mile with their iOS-compatible solutions include Easygenerator, Adobe Edge Animate, Articulate Storyline, Camtasia Studio 8, and Hot Lava Mobile.

E-learning for everyone

So, there you have it! Looks like there are quite a few e-learning software for us Mac users after all! Now there’s nothing stopping you from creating, sharing, and accessing top-notch e-learning content from your favorite device.

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