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Product update: November 2019

New this month: preview your content on multiple devices within the course editor.

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Device preview feature

Mobile is more important than ever

Easygenerator courses work on all modern devices, screen sizes, and orientations as standard. In 2019 it’s simply a must. In 2020 it will become even more relevant, as even more people will use mobile devices for everyday business tasks once only possible on desktops.

The trend is clear: mobile is taking over the desktop. And thanks to the advances in smartphones and mobile apps you can share knowledge and provide just in time learning when and where it is most convenient.

Choose the right authoring tool

Our experts created the ultimate guide to help you select an authoring tool that fits your organization’s needs.

New feature: Mobile preview

With Easygenerator you only need to create your content once, for all devices. Our responsive course design takes care of the rest.

Earlier this year we released our most advanced template, All-in-one, which is designed and optimized for mobile devices. But our latest update brings you a new feature called Mobile Preview. With this feature, you can see and check how all your content looks on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.  And you can do it with a click within Easygenerator.

Just click Preview in the upper right corner of the Easygenerator course editor to open the course in preview mode.

The new toolbar appears at the top of the screen and gives you the following variety of preview options:

  • Desktop preview (default)
  • Tablet: portrait mode
  • Tablet: landscape mode
  • Phone: portrait mode
  • Phone: landscape mode

Click the device icons to see how your course looks on the desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

Sounds cool? Go to Easygenerator and give it a try!

What to expect in the coming months

Next to the co-authoring improvements, we see content editing as an important area to focus on in the coming months. So expect new features and improvements from us released regularly.

As always, if you like the update or have any questions regarding the product, please let me know in our in-app chat!

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About the author

Valera Kontsedailo is the Product Owner at Easygenerator and has a PhD in information and communication technologies in education. Born and raised in Ukraine, he moved to the Netherlands in 2019 where he runs the product department of Easygenerator.

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