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Product update: August 2019

New this month: improvements for co-authors and course collaboration, a big update to the course introduction editor, and an even more secure checkout process. Learn how organizations within Easygenerator can benefit from the latest enhancements and share knowledge more effectively.

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Add blocks in the course introduction

If you’ve created at least one content page in Easygenerator, you are already familiar with our concept of content blocks. Well, all content blocks are now also available for course introductions.

You can now enrich your course intros with different types of layouts using content blocks.
Course introduction

Adding multiple co-authors at once

We are committed to making course collaboration easier! So now, when you need to invite multiple co-authors to your courses, you can do it with one action. Just list your co-authors’ emails separated with commas, semi-colons, or even import a CSV file with your co-authors. As simple as that!


Scale your e-learning activities

Discover the power of Employee-generated Learning and how it can help speed up the circulation of knowledge in your organization.

Strong customer authentication (SCA)

At Easygenerator we follow the best practices for security and privacy, especially when it’s about the privacy of your data and the security of your payments.

As of September 14, 2019, a new European regulation for more secure online payments (PSD2 + SCA) comes into force. In preparation for this, we’ve introduced an extra layer of security to the checkout process and payments in Easygenerator. You’ll now find a step called ‘3D Secure 2.0’ added to the payment confirmation process.

3D Secure 2.0 is a security protocol that helps to prevent fraud in online credit and debit card transactions. You may have heard of programs such as Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code and may already be familiar with the process when your bank asks you to verify your identity by entering an authentication code (in most cases, a single-use security code that is sent to you by SMS on your mobile phone). These payment security services are based on 3D Secure – the previous version of 3D Secure 2.0.

The new version brings a new approach to authentication through a wider range of data, biometric authentication, and an improved online experience.

Strong customer authentication (SCA)

We are also making sure that your existing subscriptions will stay active even when the new regulation comes into force. Please note that you may receive a notification from Easygenerator to confirm your subscription and complete the extra verification step. Please rest assured that this process does not involve any extra payments being taken.

If you received a notification from our team and have any questions regarding the new regulation or the new secure process for payments, don’t hesitate to contact our Finance department at [email protected].

What to expect in the coming months

With the next update, we will reveal some of the new features related to course collaboration within Easygenerator. Also, as you may have noticed, Easygenerator has a brand new logo. This is part of a fresh new look we’re creating for Easygenerator. So stay tuned as we roll-out our new look and more updates!

As always, if you like the update or have any questions regarding the product, please let me know in our in-app chat.

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About the author

Valera Kontsedailo is the Product Owner at Easygenerator and has a PhD in information and communication technologies in education. Born and raised in Ukraine, he moved to the Netherlands in 2019 where he runs the product department of Easygenerator.

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