How to make your e-learning interactive

We’ve all been there. Mindlessly clicking through page after page of e-learning content. Not really taking anything in.

So what can L&D do about it? Make your courses interactive!

By Danielle Agass on Jan 14th

Add interactive features to your course

E-learning is already a big step up in interactivity compared to one-way PowerPoint presentations. But to really have an impact on your learners, you need to make your courses interactive.

Interactive e-learning could be anything from short videos and voiceovers to quiz questions and games. It basically requires your learners to do something.

By allowing learners to experience the content in different formats, for example, summarized in a video, and tested with a variety of question types, you can help overcome what’s known as the forgetting curve.

Interactivity can also make the learning content more relevant to your employees. Unless you’re an engineer or a mathematician, you probably sat in Math class at school wondering why on earth you needed to learn algebra. And you promptly forgot it as soon as you graduated. It’s the same now for your employees. If you can create interactive elements that apply to real-life workplace situations your learners are more likely to engage with and remember the course content.

How do you make interactive e-learning?

Let’s take a look at how you can make your e-learning interactive in Easygenerator. Easygenerator is, as the name suggests, a super easy e-learning authoring tool. So adding interactive elements to your course is simple.

There are a number of interactive features you can add to your courses. For a quick overview, give this video a watch. You can find out more about each feature in detail below.

Add media

You can add videos and audio in Easygenerator. Click on the links to find out how to do this if you’re unsure. Your employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read text. By providing your key learning content in a video you can increase its impact. Using audio can also help explain complex topics in a more accessible format.


Hotspots can be used to both share and test knowledge. Hotspot content allows you to add more information that can be accessed by rolling over highlighted areas of an image. This is perfect for teaching employees how to use software or any subject where your learner needs to visually identify something.

A hotspot question tests your learners on identifying the location of something on an image. For example, a geographic location or locating a software feature.

This is an effective way of adding relevance to your e-learning.

Quiz questions

Not all assessments are created equal. Some are certainly more effective at testing your employees than others, it can depend on what you’re trying to teach. We created a helpful overview of the assessments available in Easygenerator and the situations to which they’re best suited.

Some of the most interactive question types are the text-matching question, the drag and drop question, and the ranking question.

HTML content block

This clever block allows you to embed interactive elements from third parties. For example, surveys from Google forms, collaboration tools from Padlet, or gamified quizzes from Quizlet. Basically, if you can get the embed code, you can add it to your course. You can watch our training session here to learn more about this feature.

Start giving these interactive e-learning features a go and see how it can improve your courses.

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Danielle Agass is the Content Marketing Manager at Easygenerator and has been writing ever since she could pick up a pencil. A Brit by birth, she moved to the Netherlands in 2018 with her husband and their cat, Ron.

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