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In this month’s training session we took a look at the features in Easygenerator that can help you launch or enhance your blended learning strategy.

By Kasper Spiro on Oct 30th

In case you’re new to blended learning, here’s a quick introduction. Blended learning is essentially the mix, or blend, of different learning methods. Usually a combination of traditional face-to-face learning with e-learning modules. There are a whole host of benefits to blended learning, including:

  • Increased engagement
  • Time-saving
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased ROI
  • Flexibility

There are three key moments at which blended learning is most suited:

  • Preparation
  • Repetition
  • Practice


When we talk about preparation, we mean learning content provided in advance of formal training. For example, you are introducing a new topic or concept that will be covered in greater detail in a classroom setting, but you want to make sure everyone attending the training has a base-level of knowledge. You could provide an e-learning module in advance that introduces the topic.

Easygenerator’s interactive features can help make complex information easier to understand. For example, the hotspot content block below has been used to visually highlight and explain the key features of Microsoft Teams software.

Similarly, you could create a voice-over that explains the subject in a more engaging way than a block of text could.


Did you know, we forget about 90% of what we learn, within just hours of learning it. There’s only one way to beat this ‘forgetting curve’ and that’s repetition. You should repeat the learning over time and in different formats, and not just repeat the same training.

For example, you could follow-up a face-to-face training with an e-learning module, and then an online assessment.

Easygenerator makes this simple with a few built-in features, including:


As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, so it’s important to give your learners the chance to practice what they’ve learned. Blended learning and more specifically the flipped classroom method is an effective way to do this. In a flipped classroom, your employee does the majority of their learning out of the classroom with an e-learning module. This is then followed up with a classroom session to discuss and feedback on the subject with the trainer. They then practice their learning with an online assessment.

The Flipped Classroom

In Easygenerator, it’s very simple to turn your pre-class learning content into an assessment. Simply create a duplicate and change the template type. You can even change a test into a learning opportunity by adding hints to each question.

Watch the training session in full to learn more and see how you can use these features effectively:

And if you’re interested in learning how Electrolux launched an award-winning blended learning program with Easygenerator, give their success story a read.

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