how to beat the forgetting curve
How to beat the forgetting curve
Long-term retention of learning is hard to achieve through one-off learning events/courses. That’s because, all too often, we forget what…
Station Rotation
Rotate your classroom with Station Rotation Model
The Station Rotation model of blended learning has seen success & popularity worldwide. But what are the benefits & limitations…
benefits of blended learning
6 benefits of blended learning and why you should use the approach
If you have been in the teaching/training/learning scene recently, you will know that everybody seems to be talking about blended…
How to brainstorm to develop a Lab Rotation Model
Lab Rotation Model
Lab Rotation is a popular model of blended learning, allowing you to personalize learning. But what are the benefits and…
blended learning top tips
10 Tips for successful blended learning
A blended learning approach, as the name suggests, refers to the use of more than one method when delivering education…
blended learning best practices
Top 5 blended learning best practices
Blended learning is one of the most efficient learning and development strategies around. That’s because it gives learners the “best…
blended classroom
What is a blended classroom and how to design it?
Research has shown that a blended approach to learning improves both quality and quantity. So what is blended learning and…
monthly training session blended learning
Monthly training session: Blended learning
In our latest monthly training session, we spoke with Electrolux and LECOM to discuss how they’re using a blended learning…
e-learning and blended learning
How to apply e-learning in a blended approach
Fundamental to the success of blended learning is successful e-learning (or online training) components. In this article, we’ll look into…
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