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Drag and drop

Empower anyone in your organization to share knowledge without the tech barriers. With our intuitive drag and drop feature, creating courses is easy from day one.
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Course creation so simple, everyone will want in

Ease the first step into e-learning. It’s time to rebrand course creation as a simple, hassle-free activity with drag and drop. No complexity; no learning curve.

Drag, drop, and enrich the content

Build your course intuitively. Want to add a new page, a video, or a quiz? Drop a diverse range of elements into the course editor to shape the ideal learning journey.

Tailor course layouts to what works best for you

Freely rearrange course elements, adjust layouts, and ensure that your course design aligns perfectly with your vision.

Save time for what truly matters

Your in-house experts have enough on their plate, so skip the complicated tools. Easygenerator is perfect for those new to course creation, allowing them to concentrate on the content instead of navigating complex systems.

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