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EasyAI Addendum

Last updated November 30th, 2023 


This AI Addendum supplements your agreement with Easygenerator, in relation to Easygenerator’s new AI Feature, EasyAI. Any terms used herein have the same meaning as in your agreement with Easygenerator. All other terms of your agreement with Easygenerator not affected by this addendum remain in full effect and legally binding.  

By using the EasyAI feature or related functionality as an Organization Owner (role in the Easygenerator tool), you confirm that you: 

  1. have read, understood and are in agreement with this Addendum; 
  2. have the authority to give this consent on behalf of yourself and/or the organization you are representing; 
  3. have to accept the terms and conditions from within the Easygenerator tool on behalf of all your users; 
  4. understand that changes can be made to this Addendum at Easygenerator’s discretion; and your continued usage of the feature post such changes translates to your agreement of them; 
  5. understand that it is your responsibility to ensure all end users under your company’s license are aware of the provisions of this addendum as they make use of the Easy AI feature. Easygenerator does not take responsibility for the same. 

When using the Easy AI feature or related functionality as a normal end user: 

  1. you understand that if the Easy AI feature is available to you on the Easygenerator tool, your Organization Owner has consented to this addendum and allowed organization wide use of the feature; 
  2. your Organization Owner can accept the terms and conditions from within the Easygenerator tool on behalf of all users;  
  3. however you can also individually read through this addendum and accept the terms and conditions on the tool, if your Organization Owner has not yet done so; 

The updated version of the AI Addendum will always be available at the Easygenerator website. We advise that you review it periodically. 


EasyAI is Easygenerator’s AI based content creation feature. The AI functionality for EasyAI is brought to us by integration with our subprocessor, OpenAI’s AI technology. EasyAI, is for the purposes of this Addendum and all other agreements, treated as part of the Easygenerator platform and its other services.  

This Addendum governs the EasyAI feature, and other future AI based functionalities within the Easygenerator platform provided by Easygenerator only.  Any independent AI functionalities used in content creation on the Easygenerator platform by end-users do not fall within the scope of this Addendum. Easygenerator does not accept responsibility for the behavior of any such independent AI functionality. 

Ask AI:

Ask AI is Easygenerator’s AI based chatbot service. The chatbot is powered by OpenAI similar to the EasyAI feature.  

End users can ask the Ask AI bot any question regarding their course creation or otherwise on the Easygenerator platform and receive AI based answers. 

The inputs made to the Ask AI bot are stored by Easygenerator and processed by OpenAI. Easygenerator retains user inputs and outputs indefinitely to maintain the context of end-user conversations with the bot. 

End users are encouraged to keep the above in mind when entering any information including personal data and company sensitive data into the Ask AI bot. 


The EasyAI feature is a voluntary add-on within the Easygenerator tool. All clients are not required to make use of it, however it will be available to all clients and the choice of its use will solely be at the discretion of the client’s Organization Owners (role within the Easygenerator tool). 

EasyAI feature is subject to use only after user consent; End-users or their Organization Owners on their behalf are required to read and accept this AI Addendum before they start using EasyAI. Once consent is given, only the data you input into the feature (details below) and your feedback on the feature (details below) will be processed by AI. Other content created under your license remains independent. 

You use the EasyAI feature at your own discretion, and risk. Easygenerator takes no responsibility for any results, actions or consequences coming from the output of the AI functionality.  

Easygenerator is also not responsible for the manner in which end-users of license-holding clients choose to use the EasyAI feature. If end-users exceed the scope of the organizational license and use the feature for personal gain or unofficial work, the responsibility for such lies with the client.  


The EasyAI and Ask AI features work when the end-user inputs a prompt into the features’ dialogue box and after processing by the underlying AI algorithm (by OpenAI), receives an output that they can choose to incorporate into their user-generated-content on the Easygenerator platform.  

The end-user’s input prompts are transmitted to our subprocessor providing the AI functionality, OpenAI, and the output generated by them is shared with the end-user on the Easygenerator platform.  

The outputs generated by the feature are specific to the questions input and as such can be replicated across users if the exact same inputs are put to the feature. Apart from this, outputs are independent across users.  

The client organizations with the license have full rights to the content generated using the outputs from the EasyAI feature. 


To ensure continued improvement of the EasyAI and Ask AI features and to provide the end-user with a clear channel to register complaints or report out-of-the-ordinary behavior by the EasyAI or Ask AI features, a feedback dialogue box will appear on every screen with an AI functionality on the Easygenerator platform. 

By giving a thumbs up or down reaction for a good or bad experience with the feature respectively, along with short descriptions justifying your choice, the end-user can provide feedback on the AI features being offered. 

The standard Easygenerator data security practices legally agreed upon with each license holding client will apply to the feedback collected. 

Personal Information: 

Easygenerator in its integration with OpenAI for the EasyAI and Ask AI features does not share any of the client’s personal information implicitly.  

Any personal information shared by any end-user to the EasyAI or Ask AI feature in the form of input to the feature is shared on the end-user’s own responsibility. Standard information protection measures that apply to all inputs to the feature shall apply. 

Any such inputted personal information can also subsequently not be requested to be removed or deleted from relevant databases and storage. 

Feature enhancement: 

EasyAI does not use your Customer Data or permit others to use your Customer Data to train the machine learning models used to provide the EasyAI and Ask AI feature.  Your use of the AI features does not grant OpenAI any right or license to your Customer Data to train their machine learning models.  

We may use data we collect from your use of EasyAI and Ask AI to improve our services. 

The standard Easygenerator data security practices and processing procedures legally agreed upon with each license holding client will apply to the inputs and feedback collected. 

Content Policy: 

Content generated using EasyAI will have to adhere to the overarching Easygenerator Content Policy. 

As the development and management of content lies within the scope of the customer only, the end-user/customer takes responsibility for the content they post on the Easygenerator platform, with or without the use of the EasyAI feature. 

In case the EasyAI output violates the Content Policy, where the input was not one to warrant such an output (an apparent malfunction of the feature), please report it using the feedback option available. 

Moreover, our AI partners, OpenAI also have their own Usage Policy that all users of their service must abide by. The policy lays down all the areas where the AI service’s use has been disallowed including Illegal activity, harmful or violent content, fraudulent or deceitful activity like scamming and political lobbying among others.  

We urge you to go through the full Usage Policy to ensure you are not in violation when using EasyAI. 


Users deciding to stop the use of the EasyAI or Ask AI feature may do so at any time. No formal opt-out is required, the user can simply stop utilizing the feature by not inputting anything into the algorithm. 

Easygenerator reserves the right to stop, halt, make temporarily unavailable the EasyAI feature while it is available as a general feature within the Easygenerator platform. 

Content created using the EasyAI or Ask AI outputs would remain unaffected in case of such an occurrence.  

Data collection and storage: 

Easygenerator collects and stores end-user inputs to the Ai features along with their respective outputs. These inputs and outputs are not used to train any AI models by Easygenerator or OpenAI. 

OpenAI retains end-user inputs and outputs for 30 days for misuse and abuse monitoring. If no misuse or abuse is found, the data is deleted by them within 30 days.  

The standard Easygenerator data security practices and processing procedures legally agreed upon with each license holding client will apply to the data collected


Easygenerator does not make any warranty as to the results that may be obtained from the use of EasyAI or Ask AI or the accuracy of any other information obtained through EasyAI and Ask AI. You should not rely on factual assertions in output without independently fact checking their accuracy. Output that appears accurate because of their detail of specificity may still contain material inaccuracies. No information or advice, whether oral or written, obtained by you from Easygenerator or through EasyAI and Ask AI shall create any warranty not expressly made herein.