Reporting results to custom LRS

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Reporting results to custom LRS is also possible in Easygenerator.

To report learners’ results to custom LRS first you need to set up your own LRS. Then in Easygenerator, in the Custom LRS settings you should specify LRS URLAuthentication is used to specify login and password of the Learning Activity Provider (LAP).

When a course is published with Results tracking enabled and the option to report to custom LRS is chosen, a learner will be asked for credentials to report the course progress to LRS.

You can select the learning activity statements that will be sent to the target LRS:

  • Started: after a learner opened the course and entered his or her credentials.
  • Answered: after a learner answered a question.
  • Stopped: after a learner completed the course and clicked Finish.
  • Mastered: a score per learning objective.
  • Passed: when the course is completed with an overall progress 100%.
  • Failed: when the course is completed with an overall progress less than 100%.

Watch this video to get an idea how to do it using Scorm Cloud.

How to create a scenario question

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Scenario question type allows you to create branched scenarios and simulations that challenge the learner to make swift and accurate decisions. To make it even more interactive and engaging, you can also choose a character and background that fits your subject.

In this video you’ll find out everything you need to know about a scenario question:

How to Create a Hotspot Question

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A hotspot question allows you to present learners with an image and let them identify one or more spots on that image. It is a very graphical way to assess your learners. This video will show you how to create one.