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Not just partners, but a network of strengths

Easygenerator works with qualified partners worldwide to offer services and support our customers. We have three kinds of partners. When you are interested in becomming a partner or if you want to have additional information: click here or sent an email to

Value added resellers (VAR)

These partners sell easygenerator to their customers and offer them local support. They offer additional services like training, creating masterpages and didactical advise. A VAR is also the local first line support organization for their customers.

Service partner (SP)

These are partners that offer services that add value to an easygenerator customer like didactical services or translation services. By integrating these services in our platform we offer added value to our customers. Often these services can be acquired at very competitive rates.

Learning Technology partners (LTP)

A LTP is usually a company with a learning technology product that is complementary to easygenerator. By working closely together with these companies, and by making sure that content produced with easygenerator can seamlessly work in the partners product, we offer added value to the customer. In some cases these partners are VARs as well, offering easygenerator services to their customers.

  • EasyGenerator offers our clients the unique low barrier authoring tool and repository we were looking for our Instant Learning Service. Its ease of use, functional power combined with its capability to use in the cloud are unparalleled.

    Competence credits
  • Easygenerator is a truly learner centered elearning authoring tool. The use of an adaptive course design allows for courses to be structured to meet the learners' needs, providing content to fill competency gaps.

    With its easy to use WYSIWYG interface, course templates and the ability to create mobile learning courses, easygenerator is the ideal tool for iDesign Training to develop highly engaging online training programs.

  • Easygenerator is the only known solution for an authoring tool, which is developed along our needs. This give us perfect functionality and the didactical learning workflows for a modern and professional learning program development. The power of development and improvements of easygenerator is very convincing for us. We were fortunate to find this tool and partner.

    ILT Solutions
  • We have been in the e-learning courseware development space for 20 years and are energized by what easygenerator can do for our customers. It brings together ease of use with the flexibility and power needed for a variety of project types and instructional styles. As an easygenerator partner, we are impressed by the aggressive roadmap, the responsiveness of the product development team and the example set by the leadership. It is clear that easygenerator is here to stay as a leading competitor in the industry.

  • I was for five years in charge of developing instructional materials for an open and distance learning tertiary institution in Africa. We needed a friendly, easy to use tool that would meet our content authoring needs! Then, recently we discovered Easygenerator had an ease and flexibility quite suitable for subject matter experts new to developing content for e-learning projects and who did not require to have IT skills.

    Soft Content