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Create Learning Experiences with Instructional Design Integrity

A strong instructive framework is at the core of easygenerator. Learners get the best learning results by following a structured approach of understanding objectives and measuring learning success through assessment.

Learning objectives

Learning Objectives

Measure the impact of learning through learning objectives.

Easygenerator ensures a structured approach by creating learning objectives and aligning content to them. Learning objectives help clarify, organize and prioritize learning.

Learner Assessment

Measure learner progress and success through assessments.

Assessments are a vital component to knowledge gain. They measure learners' knowledge or skills and provide opportunity for improving the learning experience. Easygenerator makes it easy to measure progress based on questions answered correct and connects the learning outcome to learning objectives.

Learner assessment

Adaptive learning

Adaptive Learning

Offer a unique learning design customized around individual learner's needs.

Easygenerator gives personalized study advice based on progress made in the learning experiences. Each learner will have an individual plan to strengthen individual skills or knowledge, making learning more fun and directed to individual needs.