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Explore Easygenerator with Easygenerator Academy!

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With Easygenerator, everyone can create awesome courses without any special skills or e-Learning background because our authoring tool is super easy and intuitive. However, you may want to have a general overview of the key features before you start.

So, we’ve developed Easygenerator Academy, the on-boarding learning path that will get you up and running quickly. Easygenerator Academy has 10 introductory tutorials that cover the basic features you’ll need to build interactive courses in Easygenerator. Each tutorial includes clear and detailed explanations and short videos that walk you through the main features and a few questions aimed at checking your understanding. We have created this learning path with Easygenerator so it will give you also a good idea what the output can be like.


The main advantage of Easygenerator Academy is that you do not have to complete all the tutorials in one go. You can stop anytime by pressing ‘Take a break’ button. If you login again, you will get to the place where you left off. If you are done with a tutorial just press ‘Submit results’ button, and your score will be reported.

take a break

If you have any questions, jump into the help site or just ask the support team. We will be happy to help you get started!

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New In Easygenerator: Choose Your Own Fonts

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One of the most requested features in Easygenerator for authors who want to brand their courses is the ability to choose your own font. Today we are thrilled to announce Fonts. The Fonts section provides you with a whole bunch of flexible options to make the look and feel of your courses even more personal and more appealing.

1 - Fonts - general overview

You can find “Fonts” settings on the “Design” step in the sidebar menu.

Change the general font styles for a whole course by adjusting the following options:

  • text decoration (bold / italic / underline);
  • font-family (11 different font-families);
  • font-size;
  • font-color.

Change font styles separately for every specific content type to make your content more readable and appealing:

  • Heading 1, 2, 3;
  • Paragraphs (normal);
  • Quotes;
  • Highlighted text;
  • Links.

Customizing Your Font Scheme

1. In the top bar of the course editor, choose the Design step.
2. From Design, click Fonts in the sidebar.

2 - Open Fonts section

3. Here you can find “General styles” and “Content styles”.

3 - Fonts - general and content styles

4. Experiment and try different fonts styles that match your branding and identity.

We’re excited to bring these new features to our users and are looking forward to announcing more updates that enhance the Easygenerator experience. Feel free to contact us if you’d like assistance when using these or other Easygenerator features or if you’ve got feedback about the latest course editor.

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Easygenerator’s New Course Editor

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As the world’s easiest eLearning authoring and knowledge sharing tool, we’re constantly improving the Easygenerator experience for our users. This week we’re happy to announce that the new course editor that, was introduced earlier, becomes the default editor for all new easygenerator users. This decision is based on two important points:

  • we got many positive responses from our users about the new editor;

  • we got several great suggestions and feature improvement requests that have been added to make the user experience even better.

These new features are already available and free to use in every subscription plan.

Below, you’ll find a brief description of each of the new features and how they’ll benefit your course development process.

Navigation bar in the question and content editors

This is the most requested feature, that helps to easily navigate between the items and sections in the course without having to leave the question/content editor.

New course editor - popup

More space to work within the question/content item editor

The question/content editor is now opened in a large dialog that extends the work space by hiding everything that is not related to the question/content editor. This makes it more convenient to work with and to be focused on editing a specific question or content item.

Open new question popup

Delete unneeded questions and content items while editing them

Now you can delete unneeded content and question items from a course not only by deleting them from the course editor page, but also from the question/content editor.

Delete question

Newly added questions and content items are added next to the initial one

A new question or content item will be added next to the original one. This can be done by using the editor popup instead of having to create them later on.

Create new question


And more to come..

We’re excited to bring these new features to our users and are looking forward to announcing more updates that enhance the Easygenerator experience. Feel free to contact us if you’d like assistance when using these or other Easygenerator features or if you’ve got feedback about the latest course editor.

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Keep track of Easygenerator’s updates

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The Easygenerator development team releases new fixes and features every week. Check out our new product update page to stay informed on all new updates. Most of the fixes we do during the week are suggestions from our users, if you have any suggestions, you can mail us and we will let you know if and when we will release your request.

If you feel the need to explain your problem more in detail you can always sign up for one of our QnA sessions we have three times a week!


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An eLearning authoring tool to share courses and see the learners results?

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Yes, that is possible in Easygenerator, just an extra servers to our authors. And we will not charge extra for it.

You can publish  a course with one click of a button to one of our servers. You get a link or an embed code to share your course with the learners. No set up, nothing complex.

Result tracking is also easy, here is a video on how that works.

So, a short recap:

  1. Once you’ve built a course, you can report learners’ results directly to Easygenerator .
  2. On the Configure tab of the course editor you can enable or disable results tracking. By default the result tracking is enabled. Results tracking start only in case you’ve publish a course.
  3. When learners start the course they are asked to enter their name and e-mail.  If learners choose the option “Start and report my results”, then their progress will be tracked.
  4. Once your learners have completed a course, they have to click on “Save and exit” button in the top right corner and choose “I am done, report my progress”.
  5. Subsequently, learners’ results are sent to Easygenerator, and you can see them directly on the Results tab in the course editor.
  6. There you can also find the total score of the course for each user and progress per learning objective and question.
  7. Besides, if necessary you can download the results to your PC.

Take note that:

  • Results tracking is not available if the Reader course template is used. This template is not aimed at testing learners’ knowledge.
  • Easygenerator users that have a free account can see only last ten learners’ results.
  • Those users that have a paid account can see all learners’ results and can also download results as a CSV file.

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How to create a hotspot in Easygenerator

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At easygenerator we add features and improvements every week. This week I want to draw your attention to a cool new feature: The HotSpot

What is a hotspot?

A hotspot is basically a hyperlink on an image. A hotspot can link to a text with explanation, another image, a web page or a document. In our first implementation we only have a text option.

Why should I want to use a hotspot?

With the text hotspot that we implemented you can add text or explanations to an image. The advantage is that the user will only see the image, and will get the extra info in the context (if he or she hovers over the hotspot with the mouse).

How do I add a hotspot in easygenerator?

I will show you in a few simple steps. I also recorded a video showing the process in which I added some nice easygenerator tips as a bonus!

You can add hotspots to all content and question items in easygenerator. If you want to add content in a topic or question just click button:



After that you will see two buttons. Press ‘Add hotspot on an image’.



A dialog will be show where you can select the image to place the hotspots on:


Drag the hotspot, fill in the text you want to appear and press save.


The learner will see this hotspot on hover over:



To see this in action check out the video, including some extra tips.

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Easygenerator’s new Feature: Content items

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Every 8 weeks, easygenerator updates its cloud based authoring tool with new functionality. This blog series will provide a short introduction of each of the functionalities with a video of the feature.

Content Items

In easygenerator you can add stand-alone content and information, but this should be done with caution. It is important to add only the necessary information to a course. However, in most cases, it’s better to add content directly to a question which ties to learning objectives.


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We made it: Easygenerator enters the Jane Hart e-learning tools top 100.

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Today Jane Hart published her annual top 100 e-learning tools. We are very excited to be one of the 16 newcomers, one of the 7 authoring tools included on the list and to be the only new authoring tool making the list this year! The number one e-learning tool is Twitter and the social media trend continues in professional learning for the sixth year in a row. Jane Hart’s list is the most influential listing of e-learning tools available. The list includes social media apps, presentation tools, visual tools, LMSs and authoring tools like easygenerator.

Check the full list here:

And read the full analysis here:

Try easygenerator yourself:

<iframe src=”//″ width=”425″ height=”355″ frameborder=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no” style=”border:1px solid #CCC; border-width:1px; margin-bottom:5px; max-width: 100%;” allowfullscreen> </iframe> <div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”//″ title=”Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014″ target=”_blank”>Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”//” target=”_blank”>Jane Hart</a></strong> </div>

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Easygenerator: the next 12 months

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Easygenerator: the next 12 months

Last week, after months of intense development  and user testing we  launched our new Plus Plan . The Plus Plan makes it very easy for teachers and subject matter experts to create engaging learning material quickly,  without a learning curve. . The Plus Plan includes  5 new Question Types: (Drag and Drop Text, Drag and Drop Images, Single Select, Multiple Select and Fill in the blanks), Co-Authoring and an Adaptive Learning Template.

But there’s much more in the pipeline for the coming 12 months: easygenerator  will roll out a new release every 8 weeks and add:

  • 10 more question types
  • Collaboration options
  • More templates
  • Content pages
  • Scenario based eLearning
  • Custom Templates

So what can you expect from easygenerator over the next 12 months?

August – Starter Plan

The goal of this release is to complete our Starter Plan. In August you’ll be able to  easily import PowerPoint presentations and quickly add pop quizzes and curated content to  immediately asses if students understand the learning material.

Easygenerator will have:

  • Two new question types:
    • Multiple Choice Images
    • Text Matching
    • Two improved Question types:
      • Fill in the blanks
      • Drag and Drop Questions
      • Content Pages: Curate and Create context for your students


October – Growing the Plus Plan

In October the Plus Plan will get an update! Teachers and subject matter experts will be able to create instructionally sound eLearning with two new question types, a new type of course and extended media options:

  • Two new question types:
    • Hotspot question
    • Statement
    • Glossary
    • Scenario based courses
    • Video & Sound upload.


December – Plus Plan finalized

In December, teachers and subject matter experts will benefit the full potential of the Plus Plan. Co-authoring will be extremely easy and clear with, to do lists, checklists and email notifications for every author involved.

Expect the following features in December:

  • To Do and Checklists for Co-Authors
  • Email Notifications for Co-Authors
  • Question Type: Match images
  • Question Type: Drag and Drop image
  • Question Pool: Draw questions
  • Voice Over: Add Voiceovers to all content and questions
  • Point and Click Graphical Interface for Creating Scenario Based Courses

2015 – The year of Pro

The current pro version is for Windows only, but we are bringing easygenerator Pro to the Web as well. Instructional Designers will have all easygenerator features available:

  • 14 question types
  • Create your own publishing templates,
  • Advanced content management features
  • EPub and CMI5 publication
  • Set languages for publication

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