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How to improve your lessons: Flip, repeat and automate

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Are you looking to improve your classroom lessons or training? Here are three ways to use e-Learning components to achieve that goal. Each of these methods  will make your lessons and courses more effective and more fun, and any teacher, trainer or coach can do it.







Our CEO Kasper Spiro wrote a post on his personal blog called:  Improve your lessons: 3 ways to make them more effective. In this post he covers the flipped classroom, automated assessments and ways to use e-learning to increase retention.


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New In Easygenerator: Choose Your Own Fonts

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One of the most requested features in Easygenerator for authors who want to brand their courses is the ability to choose your own font. Today we are thrilled to announce Fonts. The Fonts section provides you with a whole bunch of flexible options to make the look and feel of your courses even more personal and more appealing.

1 - Fonts - general overview

You can find “Fonts” settings on the “Design” step in the sidebar menu.

Change the general font styles for a whole course by adjusting the following options:

  • text decoration (bold / italic / underline);
  • font-family (11 different font-families);
  • font-size;
  • font-color.

Change font styles separately for every specific content type to make your content more readable and appealing:

  • Heading 1, 2, 3;
  • Paragraphs (normal);
  • Quotes;
  • Highlighted text;
  • Links.

Customizing Your Font Scheme

1. In the top bar of the course editor, choose the Design step.
2. From Design, click Fonts in the sidebar.

2 - Open Fonts section

3. Here you can find “General styles” and “Content styles”.

3 - Fonts - general and content styles

4. Experiment and try different fonts styles that match your branding and identity.

We’re excited to bring these new features to our users and are looking forward to announcing more updates that enhance the Easygenerator experience. Feel free to contact us if you’d like assistance when using these or other Easygenerator features or if you’ve got feedback about the latest course editor.

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Keep track of Easygenerator’s updates

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The Easygenerator development team releases new fixes and features every week. Check out our new product update page to stay informed on all new updates. Most of the fixes we do during the week are suggestions from our users, if you have any suggestions, you can mail us and we will let you know if and when we will release your request.

If you feel the need to explain your problem more in detail you can always sign up for one of our QnA sessions we have three times a week!


Copyright, right free images

Guide to copyright-free images and other resources

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Images are expensive, and you do not want to violate copyrights. Finding good images that you are allowed to use can be a challenge. Here is a list with free services to images and other resources that you are allowed to use.

Copyright free images via search engines

Most people do not know that search engines like Google and Bing are a great start. Both of them allow you to search for images that are free to reuse. In Google just choose the option “Labeled for reuse” and select the appropriate option there. The fact that you are allowed to use these images does not mean that you don’t have to attribute the creator. You must, and because they made there images available for you all the more reason to do this!

Google copyright

It is more or less the same for Bing. Select the option “free to share and use” and select the correct option.

Bing copyright

My list of websites with free images, sounds and videos

Not all images will appear on the search engines, there are great resources available where you go directly. I also added some other free resources like fomts:

Brainy Betty A website with free resources images, sounds, backgrounds. Mostly focused on PowerPoint users but also usable for eLearning
Death to the stock photo A service created by two photographers. You can signup for free and you will get a pack of free photos in your email every month. If you sign up for a premium account ($10 per month), you will get access to the full database. A website with links to other free stock photo and video websites. This is a search engine for free stock photos. All your searches will give paid results at the top, but if you scroll down you will find the free ones. A ton of free stock photos. Clear description if there are limitations on the usage. Does contain free images, but also a lot of images that you have to pay for.
Xpert attribution A website with images, audio and video most of them under CC license. It has a nice feature to embed the attribute into the images. A website with free images (no photos) The wiki of the CC organization with lots of free images, sounds and videos.
pixabay Free photos. Some them have watermarks of commercial stock photo websites. But there are plenty without that you can use for free
Getty images Free and paid images. it has an option to only search on free images. I found that that filter doesn’t always work.
Flickr You do need a Yahoo account for this one, but it offers the option to filter on creative common resources.
1001freefonts It is what is says, a 1001 free fonts for you to use
picjumbo They claim over 30 million copyright free images and vectors
splitshire Stock photo’s for personal and commercial use
stokpic Same here!
uhdwallpapers Wallpapers, photo’s and images
PliXS Photo’s and images

copyright notice

This advice was presented to you by Easygenerator, the eLearning authoring environment. Sign up for a free trial now via (no credit required)


Result tracking in Easygenerator

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Easygenerator is an eLearning authoring tool with a big plus. We will host your courses for you (if you want) and we can even track and trace your results. We have various options:

  • Track and trace results inside Easygenerator
  • Track and trace results in your own Learning record store
  • Track and trace results in your LMS

In this post I would like to go over all three options.

Track and trace results in Easygenerator

For this option you do not have to do anything, it works by default. We will track and trace all the results of the learners. You will see them on the result tab of your course. You can even download these results. We created a video with some extra details.


Track and trace results in your LRS

If you have an LRS of your own, you can use that. Just add your credentials to the course settings and that is it. This video shows you how it is done.

Track and trace results in your LMS

Of course we are also able to report results to your LMS. Just use the publish option ‘To your LMS’ and upload the course in your LMS. That is all. The results will be reported automatically. If you do not disable result trackling in your setting the results will be stored in your LMS and in Easygenerator or your custom LRS at the same time.


Any questions left? Please checkout the help page or contact us via


BranchTrack scenarios in Easygenerator

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We have added the option to create Scenario’s in easygenerator. the reason is Simple, we  have two main goals:

  1. Making it easy for you to create eLearning
  2. Helping you to make more effective eLearning

One of the things that will help to create effective eLearning is if you can build in as many connections to the real world as you can. One of the best ways to do it is to create a real world scenario in a setting that the learner can recognize.


We decided not to build our own solution but to integrate the best and most intuitive existing scenario builder: BranchTrack. It is a real cool tool. I have created this scenario in 10 minutes.


How does it work?

When you have an Easygenerator Academy Plan, Branchtrack will be available for you by default. It is fully integrated as an extra Easygenerator question type without any extra costs. Just click it to start. You also do not have to do anything extra to integrate it in your course, it is done automatically.

Are there limitations?

Within your Academy Plan you can create as much scenario’s as you want, but you can only use three of them at the same time in a course. We call this active scenario’s. The free limit is three active scenarios. If you need more you can upgrade in our web shop. You can upgrade to 10 active scenario’s. Need even more than that or need more space for video or audio in your scenario? That is possible, you can also upgrade to a full BranchTrack account.

We also made a short video that shows you how to create a scenario question in easygenerator.

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An eLearning authoring tool to share courses and see the learners results?

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Yes, that is possible in Easygenerator, just an extra servers to our authors. And we will not charge extra for it.

You can publish  a course with one click of a button to one of our servers. You get a link or an embed code to share your course with the learners. No set up, nothing complex.

Result tracking is also easy, here is a video on how that works.

So, a short recap:

  1. Once you’ve built a course, you can report learners’ results directly to Easygenerator .
  2. On the Configure tab of the course editor you can enable or disable results tracking. By default the result tracking is enabled. Results tracking start only in case you’ve publish a course.
  3. When learners start the course they are asked to enter their name and e-mail.  If learners choose the option “Start and report my results”, then their progress will be tracked.
  4. Once your learners have completed a course, they have to click on “Save and exit” button in the top right corner and choose “I am done, report my progress”.
  5. Subsequently, learners’ results are sent to Easygenerator, and you can see them directly on the Results tab in the course editor.
  6. There you can also find the total score of the course for each user and progress per learning objective and question.
  7. Besides, if necessary you can download the results to your PC.

Take note that:

  • Results tracking is not available if the Reader course template is used. This template is not aimed at testing learners’ knowledge.
  • Easygenerator users that have a free account can see only last ten learners’ results.
  • Those users that have a paid account can see all learners’ results and can also download results as a CSV file.


How to use PowerPoint, Word or PDF files in Easygenerator

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In Easygenerator it is possible to upload your PowerPoint as a starting point for your course, but it is also possible to embed any kind of other document; PowerPoints, Word, Excel, PDF. It is (not yet) possible to upload your document directly in Easygenerator (we are working on that). But here is a simple way that will give you the same result.

  1. Upload your document to a webservice like Google docs or Slideshare. Both services are free.
  2. Get an embed code for your document
  3. Paste that code into Easygenerator (use the video embed field for now)

And that is it. To make sure you also get all the details we created a short Easygenerator course on this topic. It contains info on how to upload your PowerPoint into Easygenerator and how to use Google Docs and Slideshare in order to get your documents into Easygenerator.


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We are hiring: Easygenerator is looking for all-round junior sales representative

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Easygenerator is eLearning software with a very specific focus on people who do not have an eLearning background. Easygenerator is used and sold globally. Do you have strong communication skills and a sales education or background? Do you want sell Easygenerator to larger organizations all around the world? We want to strengthen our Sales team with a new member who will strengthen our (online) sales process.


  • Drive Easygenerator’s revenue growth through outreach emails & phone calls with a focus on setting appointments for the inside sales team
  • Research prospect contact information and best ways to develop a relationship
  • Cultivate and qualify new leads (enterprises, universities, and learning technology companies) that turn into quality appointments
  • Cold call, prospect and pipeline building with opportunity identification
  • Educate prospects on Easygenerator’s eLearning authoring solutions
  • Work closely with Sales Managers & Marketing on various projects that are supporting the entire sales team


  • Fluent in English, preferably a native English speaker. Knowledge of Dutch is a nice to have
  • Knowledge of eLearning (market) is an advantage, but not mandatory
  • Graduate of a four year college with great background
  • At least 6 months relevant sales experience
  • Computer literacy; proficient in MS Office Applications, Excel, Google Apps, Intercom, Pipedrive, Mixpanel
  • Intelligence with very strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience in selling technology / software is a big asset

Ideal Personal Attributes:

  • Thoughtful and creatively persistent
  • Strong organizational and writing skills
  • A grind it out, self-starter personality
  • Performance driven
  • Interest in getting into technology sales
  • Passion for online technology and a startup environment
  • Great teammate with a collaborative style


Easygenerator provides cloud-based e-Learning authoring software. It enables people with no eLearning background to create effective eLearning. Subject matter experts, trainers and teachers, to create engaging courses and assessments with the highest learning impact, using a rapid development process. Easygenerator is affordable, easy to use, and adaptable to future learning needs. Easygenerator is used and appreciated in corporations, not-for-profits, government agencies, and educational institutions by over 14.000 users in more than 160 countries, Easygenerator is becoming the eLearning authoring tool to choose. Easygenerator’s headquarter is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The Easygenerator team in the Netherlands is small (just 5 people, you will be number 6). We develop our software in Ukraine (15 people) and have customers in over 30 countries. We work 3 days a week in our office in Utrecht and two days from home. This means you need to be able to work independently a lot.

Our offer

We offer you a very flexible and dynamic working environment. You will work closely together with the CEO (Kasper Spiro), the marketing manager (Ron van Valkengoed) and the online marketing manager (Rolf Mulder). Our goal is to provide eLearning authoring all over the world so you will work in a very internationally oriented environment. Career opportunities depend on personal development and the growth of Easygenerator, growth into a more senior sales function is the logical development path for this role. Easygenerator is a great place to start your career and learn and grow.

Interested? Are you the candidate that we are looking for? Please apply immediately!

Please send your resume and motivation to Please call us if you have any questions via +31 (0) 10 243 6000.

Contact details

Name Kasper Spiro
Position CEO
Phone number +31 (0) 10 243 6000


Full time / part time Fulltime, 40 hours
Employment  A year contract, followed by a permanent contract.
Career level (junior, medior, senior) Junior
Education Higher Vocational
Location Utrecht, The Netherlands