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Attend to your company’s learning needs

Create content, collaborate with co-workers, and publish new courses easily in our tool or your LMS. We made it easy.
Create content easily and agile
Create learning freely: drag and drop content into pre-designed modules and tailor it to your wishes. Have content in PDFs and other files already? Embed them easily. All it takes is a few clicks.
Embrace a zero learning-curve tool
Subject-matter experts own your company’s knowledge. Let them capture and share it with their co-workers. No technical skills are required to become an author in Easygenerator.
Cut costs, keep track
Publish more trainings in less time and maintain your learning stack easily. You get multiple tracking options to spot outdated or unengaging content easily.
Customer success story
How Nielsen developed a global learning culture
A company-wide contribution
Nielsen wanted to develop a company-wide learning culture. Together we decided to bring their subject-matter experts’ knowledge to the forefront of the learning stage.  
An accelerated process
Easygenerator was so straightforward that authors were able to create courses much faster. Over time, more and more subject-matter experts came on board. 
A brand-new approach to learning
In just over one year, Nielsen had engaged a new audience of employees to create training for both internal and external audiences while decreasing their costs.