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Professional Services
We enhance the e-learning creation process for Professional Services
Create and share custom learning content with speed and accuracy for your onboarding and training needs with Easygenerator.
Meet every training need with the smart and intuitive that is proven to increase employee engagement
Speedy course creation with internal expertise
Between onboarding and general employee training, it’s important to share new information efficiently and effectively. Easygenerator empowers anyone with specific expertise to easily create training content, so training is timely and on-point.
Get the data that matters with actionable results
The success of your training impacts the success of your employees. Easygenerator’s tracking engine gives insights into learners’ performance and engagement. Now, it’s easier than ever to prove the effectiveness of your training and adjust where needed.
Reduce the time and cost of maintenance
In a fast-paced industry, updating training content shouldn’t slow you down or cost a fortune. With internal creation in Easygenerator, quickly identify outdated content and easily assign reviewers or co-authors to your courses while also saving money.
Customer case summary
Too many training requests, too few L&D resources
With large amounts of training needs and employees all over the world, Sodexo’s global L&D team struggled to keep up with all training requests.
Regional training left to local experts
In order to keep up with all training requests, Sodexo needed to put training creation in the hands of subject-matter experts locally.
22x more output and 42x cheaper
With Easygenerator’s easy-to-use and cost-effective solution, Sodexo empowered local experts to create their own content, saving the global team both time and money.
Marion Moulin

Program Coordinator for Global Learning and Development

“Easygenerator made things easy. It is easy to drag and drop and to start understanding on your own just by trying things. If you have a question, just use the chat with Easygenerator support, and it’s super-fast. And when the course is finished, you can just share it with anyone you want.”

Marion Moulin, Program Coordinator for Global Learning and Development

Shifting from classroom training to digital learning
In times of remote work, providing effective remote onboarding experiences for new employees can be a challenge. With the right tools, however, teams can provide top-of-the-line onboarding online. Check out our free guide on how to seamlessly create interactive e-learning and onboarding material to be shared with employees.
Start creating e-learning with efficiency and proven results
Sign up for a free trial or schedule a call with one of our experts to learn how you can start providing the best e-learning experiences that give employees the training they need with Easygenerator.