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Train staff remotely with our lesson plan maker

Training your workforce from home does not have to be a challenge. With our lesson plan software, you can set up courses, create lesson plans online, and track learners' results. All from your living room.

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Be flexible in times of remote work
As the situation around COVID-19 evolves, so do learners' training requirements. Our online lesson maker lets you quickly adapt your learning content.
Get a head-start with customizable templates
Our lesson planning software comes with free templates you can fully customize and use within your company.
Excellent value-for-money
Allowing employees to create and share learning content from home is one of the most cost-effective ways of delivering training.
Freedom in designing courses
Our tool's drag-and-drop feature is what makes it easy to use. You can create lessons on the fly, simply by dragging and dropping text, images, videos, and more.
Collaborate with colleagues
Collaboration is key when you create lessons online. Our software enables you to assign co-authors and add comments within lessons, so you and your colleagues can co-create smoothly.
Track learners' results
Want to know how learners are doing and what they think of your training? Use our software's built-in reports to track results in real-time.
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Frequently asked questions
All the answers you need
Can I reward learners?+

Rewarding learners plays an essential role in keeping them happy and motivated. Especially when you work from remote locations. That’s why our online lesson maker lets you create and hand out certificates that you can design according to your brands’ guidelines.

What LMS can I use?+

You can use our authoring solution with the Easygenerator hosting that comes with it. Prefer to pick your own LMS? Of course you can! Use our tool with any LMS that is SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, , xAPI, or LTI compliant.

Can I improve PowerPoint presentations with Easygenerator?+

Are you looking for a way to move past the PowerPoint (PPT) mindset? Convert PPT presentations into engaging e-learning with our easy-to-use authoring tool. You can also add Word documents, PDFs, videos, and more types of content to create your training.

What's inside Easygenerator?+

The number one goal of our e-learning authoring tool is to make it a piece of cake to create lessons. That’s why Easygenerator has features that let you drag and drop content, get in-app feedback from co-workers, hand out certificates in the blink of an eye, and so much more. That’s also why our Customer Support team is always happy to help you out via our in-app chat. Or phone or email, if that’s what you prefer.