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Create e-learning in Arabic with ease
With right-to-left language support and an intuitive e-learning authoring tool, it’s easier than ever to create and share high-quality e-learning with your Arabic-speaking employees today!
It's easy to create e-learning in Arabic today!
Easy authoring with AI-functionality
With an intuitive interface and AI features, Easygenerator ensures that you can create high-quality e-learning courses in Arabic expertly and efficiently.
Translate courses to and from Arabic in a few clicks
Easygenerator’s auto-translation feature, powered by Amazon AWS, supports translation to and from 75 languages, including Arabic.
A trusted partner based in the UAE
Headquartered in the heart of Dubai with users across the GCC, Easygenerator is the e-learning authoring tool of choice for course creation in Arabic.
All the support you need, in Arabic too
With a multilingual live chat offering support 24/5 in over 100 languages, Easygenerator is on your side to ensure your courses are a success.

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