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Awards and recognitions

#1 User friendly e-learning software

Gartner affiliate voted Easygenerator #1 most user friendly LMS. Easygenerator outperformed over 300 other learning management systems.

Hottest rated authoring tool

Capterra is the largest review site for businesses, Capterra’s user base rated Easygenerator the most positive over competitive e-learning tools.

Excellence in e-learning

Easygenerator has won the Golden Excellence in E-Learning award, one of the highest honors in the corporate learning space. This award is presented by Chief Learning Officer (CLO Media).


Interactive question types

Easygenerator offers the most advanced authoring capabilities in the course authoring space. Rich media, interactive question types and voice overs.

Advanced tracking features

The authoring tool of 2019 can do so much more than simply create courses. Now, LMSs provide data analytics features that give instructors insight into how effective specific parts of their course content are.


Automatically issue certificates to learners who pass their online tests.


Authoring tools today also include plenty of interactive, social learning features. These promote group learning and encourage users to exchange ideas and ask their peers for feedback and help.

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The ultimate 2019 guide for authoring tools

E-learning authoring tools: your quick guide for 2019

An authoring tool or an LMS?

If you’re currently looking for an e-learning authoring tool, it’s likely that the first question you’ve come across is: Should I use a learning management system (LMS) instead of an authoring tool? Why is this such a common question? Because a) LMSs have much greater marketing budgets to occupy ad space and b) there are far more LMSs out there than authoring tools.

Ask yourself this:

Is my number-one priority to start creating courses, instructions and training materials? Or am I looking for a place to host learning content I already have? Or do I need both?

If your goal is to start creating, then stop looking for LMSs and dive into the realm of authoring tools. However, if you’re looking to store your existing content somewhere and manage your learners, then you’re probably better off looking for an LMS.

If you’re new to e-learning authoring, most of the time you need an authoring tool, with some LMS functionality.

Most people who start with e-learning need both. There are a gazillion LMSs on the market that offer some authoring functionality, but you usually want to start by creating effective courses, distributing them and gaining insights into how your learners are doing. That means your best option is an authoring tool that includes some essential learning management features.

Think of it this way: If you need to instruct and quickly share knowledge (for example, create compliance training, onboarding new hires or awareness training), look for authoring tools with some LMS functionality. This is the smartest choice, even if you require formal training resources and need to prove (to auditors, for example) that you have a training process set up. An authoring tool with LMS features will still get you started faster.

If you’re handling a large volume of formal training and loads of regulations, then an LMS might be more suitable. This type of content changes less frequently, and you would benefit more from an application that serves as a learning hub rather than a creation tool.

Which authoring tool features do you really need?

Consider the following features when looking for an authoring tool.

Authoring features 

  • Interactive elements and question types: Research shows that if you spice up your learning content with interactive elements, it makes your content more effective. A wide variety of content and question types results in far greater learner engagement.
  • Rich media: In addition to interactivity, the best way to increase learner engagement is to add media to your courses.
  • Voice-overs: Add spoken word to any screen within your course
  • Video upload/embedding
  • Publishing features: Do you want to store everything on your own server? Do you want to quickly share links to your course? Or do you need to export content into an LMS-compatible format?
  • Integrations:
    • SCORM: SCORM is a standard in e-Learning that makes it possible to track and trace the results of your learners within an LMS. A course is SCORM-compliant when it meets the requirements of the standard set by the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative. It enables authors to create an e-Learning course in any authoring environment and then run it on any LMS.
    • xAPI: xAPI is a new standard which forms the basis for the next generation in e-learning development: cmi5. The cmi5 specification uses xAPI, but adds default statements to track and trace results of learning in a formal e-learning course. This provides all the advantages or both SCORM and xAPI. cmi5 is much more flexible, because it lets you track and trace learning results outside an LMS too. However, it will only be useful for formal learning activities like courses, quizzes or exams. So, for now, it is not much of a threat to SCORM.
    • LTI: LTI stands for learning tools interoperability. This allows for seamless integration between an authoring tool and an LMS. The difference with SCORM integration is that you don’t export course by course, but plug your authoring system directly into an LMS.
    • LRS: A learning record store (LRS)[1] is a system for storing learner data. It serves as a repository for learning records collected from connected systems where learning activities are conducted.


  • Review options: Before your course goes live, you should always have it checked by someone else. Easygenerator’s review feature allows you to do just that. Share a review link with someone and they will see the course in the same view as a learner would, except they will have the option to add remarks. These remarks will appear in your authoring environment. Use this feedback to revise and improve your content, then you’re ready to publish!
  • Versioning: Roll back to any past version of a course, so you can keep experimenting without any risk.
  • Real-time collaboration: Work as a team on your course or assessment. You can invite anyone with an Easygenerator subscription to act as a co-author.

LMS features

  • User admin: Manage who gets to use your authoring tool.
  • Tracking and tracing results: See how your learners are performing, whether they pass assessments or finish coursework on time.
  • Certification: Automatically issue learners a certificate when they pass your course.
Easygenerator authoring tool

Easygenerator authoring tool

Top authoring tools ranked by ease of use

If you’re in the market for an e-learning authoring tool, it’s important to remember that there are two kinds of authoring tools:

  1. Authoring tools that focus on speed and simplicity: These tools are made for companies that are getting started with their first e-learning program. Often, these companies need some ramp-up time, because they have no prior e-learning expertise (for example, fast-growing companies that need to onboard new-hires, or larger companies looking to optimize their learning program and move away from face-to-face/classroom training).

The best of these tools allow companies to implement our award-winning strategy: Employee-generated Learning (EGL). This means you shift content creation to the business instead of relying on a centralized L&D team. [Download our whitepaper] to learn all about EGL and see how our clients have successfully scaled their learning output.

  1. Authoring tools that offer extensive design features: These tools target companies that have a team of dedicated instructional designers ready to sink their teeth into endless possibilities.

Here’s a list of common authoring tools, ranked by ease of use from easy to more complicated:


Of course, we could summarize our own solution here, but let’s look at what the business software reviewers in the Capterra community had to say about Easygenerator.

Most of the positive feedback we receive on Capterra confirms that Easygenerator is extremely easy to use and offers very personal support to get you going. Reviewers agree that we offer the right amount of interactivity and integrations.

Some users are critical of our choice to minimize the number of animation options. The logic behind this is very simple though: it takes extensive training to master animation, and that detracts from a speedy creation process. Our research also shows that interactivity is vital, while the effectiveness of animation has not been validated by our experts. An animation may enhance the look and feel, but it doesn’t necessarily increase learning impact.

Articulate Rise

This is a well-designed application that offers very straightforward e-learning creation. However, it offers only a limited choice of interactive question types and design options. The results are more like a glorified PowerPoint presentation than an actual e-learning resource.


This authoring tool offers similar features to Easygenerator but is more limited. IsEazy uses timeline-based learning, which requires additional training and planning.


Elucidat is relatively easy to use, yet the end results are not visually appealing to learners.


Gomo offers a wide range of features, but you need to be a highly experienced eLearning designer to make the most of it. It’s also much less cost-effective than other authoring tools. There is very little that distinguishes it from other authoring tools aimed at experienced instructional designers.

Articulate Storyline

The preferred option for advanced instructional designers, it offers a very wide range of features. You can create practically anything you can imagine. However, ramp-up time is a major drawback. It takes extensive training and experience to benefit from Articulate. For newcomers to e-learning, it’s hard to make a business case here.

Adobe Captivate

Adobe is the industry leader for multimedia, design, video and illustration. Even for e-learning creation, it’s a household name for dedicated instructional designers. Just keep in mind that (as with Articulate) it takes a long time to get started with Adobe.

If you need any advice or want to discuss your company’s e-learning authoring needs with one of our e-learning experts, request a demo here.

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