BranchTrack scenarios in Easygenerator

To truly engage your learners and to ensure that they will retain knowledge for use in their roles, you should make your e-learning course and assessments as relevant and applicable as possible. One good way to achieve this is by using the BranchTrack Scenario question type available in Easygenerator.

By Danielle Agass on Aug 12th


Scenario questions allow you to create a branched simulation which challenges your learners to make swift and accurate decisions in the vivid recreation of a real-world situation that the learner will recognize.

In order to offer this feature, Easygenerator has teamed up with BranchTrack. BranchTrack is a very simple tool and you can access it and create your scenarios all within the Easygenerator app. Each Easygenerator user has three BranchTrack scenarios included in their subscription (so a Team plan can create 15 scenarios).

How does it work?

Create a scenario

Select the scenario question type, drag and drop it under a section. Open the scenario editor and click Add Scenario (you will need to create or login to your BranchTrack account from this screen).

Create a new scenario by clicking on a blank simulation window. Double click anywhere on the screen to create the first scene.

For the initial question, provide reply choices, each of which will lead to a new scene. Organize the scenario structure and connect the scenes with a single mouseclick.

It is important to properly configure the final scenes. Make sure that the final scenes contain the main text and feedback only, do not add any further reply choices.

Characters & Backgrounds

You can choose from dozens of pre-designed characters and backgrounds. The characters come with a range of poses and emotions so your scenarios can come to life in seconds. Also, you can upload your own images.

You can add voice-overs to your scenarios that will make your dialogues truly lifelike.

Configure your scenario

Add and remove the simulation features such as:

  • Multiple scoring
  • Emotion meter
  • Animations in the player
  • Choice numbers
  • Randomize choice order
  • Show the replay button
  • Show progress bar

There are 11 question types available in Easygenerator, yet our research shows that 56% of the questions used are single- or multiple-choice. To learn more about the various types of assessments, when to use them, and how, download our guide to assessment types.

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Danielle Agass is the Content Marketing Manager at Easygenerator and has been writing ever since she could pick up a pencil. A Brit by birth, she moved to the Netherlands in 2018 with her husband and their cat, Ron.

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