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We have different types of webinars. Some are aimed at users of the free edition, other are for users of the subscription edition and we also have generic webinars, covering more didactical topics. If you want to join us for one of the webinars, just click the link and fill in the form.

Webinar recordings
We decided to replace the ‘presentation’and ‘demo’ webinars with Q&A sessions we call ’Meet the experts’. These are sessions where you can ask al kind of questions in relation to the free edition and if possible we will demonstrate you how you can do this in easygenerator. If you don’t have specific question yourself, you are still welcome to join and to listen in. Here is a list with recorded webinars.

Free edition introduction webinar

Adaptive learning webinar

Full introduction webinar on easygenerator

Meet the experts sessions
Meet the experts session, you can ask us anything about the free or subscription edition, if possible we will show you the answer during the webinar. You are supposed to have worked with the free edition of easygenerator or at least have watched the recording of the introduction webinar.

Trial accounts
Do you want to try out the full edition of easygenerator? You can apply for a trial, you sent a mail to info@easygenerator.com . This trial will have the full functionality but will only be available for 30 days. It is possible to have a trial license with multiple users, sharing the same workspace.

Select time slots from the list below. Please note that the first part of the list are webinars that are on EST (New York time), the second part of the list is on CET (Amsterdam time). We will sent you an invitation for your webinar with more details.

Contact details

Van Nelleweg 1
3044 BC Rotterdam
The Netherlands
860 - 328-0717
+31 (0)10 243 60 27

Our office

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Lost your free edition login information?

If you have forgotten your password you can use this page to reset it. You can use this service if you filled in your email address in your easygenerator account. If you haven't submitted your email address you can send us an email at free@easygenerator.com and we will reset it for you. Please select your region and fill in the email address that is connected to your easygenerator account.