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We have two types of webinars. A webinar for non-e-Learning experts (like teachers, subject matter experts or trainers) about the web based Free, Starter and Plus plan and a webinar for e-Learning professionals (developers, managers, instructional designers on the Pro Plan.

Here is the weekly time schedule:

Webinar Target audiance Time EDT (New York) Time CET (Amsterdam)
Free, Starter, Plus Non e-Learning experts Tuesday 12 pm Tuesday 6 pm
Pro e-Learning experts Thursday 4 am Thursday 10 am
Pro e-Learning experts Thursday 12 am Thursday 6 pm
Free, Starter, Plus Non e-Learning experts Friday 3 am Friday 9 am

If you want to attend a webinar: mail us at info@easygenerator.com. Please mention your preferred date and time slot.

Webinar recordings
You can also view a recording of these webinars on our website:



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