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Why ‘Upskilling’ is the future of work
Feb 18, 2021
30 minutes

Upskilling: A buzzword that you may have heard thrown around in the L&D and HR space over the past couple years. But what is it really? First and foremost, you should know that it is an almost vital practice to keep up with the future of work and retain your top employees. Want to learn more about it and how you can get started? Watch our free webinar!

Ashling Moran
Onboarding Specialist

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What will you learn?
Why upskilling is more important than ever in today’s workforce
How to get started with upskilling in your organization
The benefits you can expect from getting started with upskilling
Ashling Moran
Onboarding Specialist
Ashling is one of Easygenerator’s Onboarding Specialist. She is responsible for onboarding, training, and advising e-learning course creators. Ashling helps customers strengthen their training and projects effectively.
Who is this for?
Easygenerator's webinars are designed for anyone who has an interest in the topic. While some of our webinars are designed more for Easygenerator users, we are sure to include valuable tips and best practices that are useful for anyone looking to create great e-learning courses.