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Easygenerator LMS

Publish and manage your courses, track results, control access and generate certificates directly in Easygenerator.

Written Olga Kuzmenko

Easygenerator is a simple solution to publish courses and track results.

Easygenerator hosting

Publish your e-learning courses on Easygenerator hosting with one click.

Easily share a course with your learners. Copy and paste a course link, or embed it on a web page.

Course Dashboard

Course Dashboard makes all learner’s courses accessible in one place.

Built-in Results tracking

Keep track of learners’ progress in real-time, download and share reports.
See specific details such as given answers for each attempt in the Gradebook and export results of all learners.

Reporting to a Learning Record Store (LRS)

Easygenerator uses xAPI standard for tracking and tracing. Send the results to an external Learning Record Store (LRS).


Generate a printable certificate of completion with a learner’s name and result.

Access control

Choose who can see your content. Give access to everyone or limit access to specific people by adding their emails to the Whitelist.