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Drag and drop text question

Drag and drop question evaluates learners’ ability to classify and organize information.

Written Olga Kuzmenko

Drag and drop question contains a set of words or short phrases (text items) that the learner must drag into response targets on an image.

This question type challenges the learners to recall information while also analyzing the challenge at hand in order to apply the information they have recalled.

How to create a drag and drop question in Easygenerator

  • Select the drag and drop text question from the left-hand panel and add it to a section.
  • Add a question title and instruction.
  • Upload a background image (The recommended width is 880px. The image will be scaled in the learner’s view to fit the placeholder. Scrolls may be added for optimal learner’s experience. Keep the image under 5mb for best loading speed).
  • Create text items. Drag and drop the text items to specify their correct positions on the background image. Each item has to correspond to a unique position.
  • Add feedback for correct and incorrect answers.
  • Optional: add a voice-over.

Tips for writing good drag and drop questions

  • The question instruction should be direct, meaningful and state a specific problem that focuses on the learning objective.
  • Make sure that each item has a specific, clear-cut position on the image.
  • Limit the number of text items to 6. More than 6 items may be confusing.
  • Keep the items parallel, of similar length, and use consistent grammar.