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How T-Mobile's training output increased 5 times, while only using 25% of L&D resources.
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Learn how Electrolux embraced a blended learning approach with Easygenerator to scale learning output.
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How Nielsen developed a company-wide, Employee- generated Learning approach with Easygenerator.
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If we wouldn’t have started with Easygenerator, we wouldn’t be able to produce as much content to train our customers and service providers as we are now.

Cecilie Tystad - Training Director Sales & Service, Business Area Europe - Electrolux

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Sodexo has to manage L&D for its 470,000 employees workforce spread across 72 countries. How did they approached the challenge of regional training output?
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How flexible microlearning with Easygenerator saved BHP's Risk team AU$250,000
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How do you launch an all-new training department in a fast-changing, highly competitive industry like pharmaceuticals?
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Easygenerator for the Enterprise
Jeff Wysocki - Instructional Designer, Walmart
"What used to take me literally DAYS in creating courses with Captivate, it now takes me 15-20 minutes in Easygenerator."
Thor Flosasson - Director of Global Learning and Development, Kellogg's
“Thanks to Easygenerator we save ten thousands of euros a year to create e-learning content.”
Roger Sparvell - Learning and Development Specialist, Sodexo
"My colleague here in Brisbane has created a course, start to finish, in 22 minutes! He said this tool is amazing."
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