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The all-in-one employee training program

Create, maintain, and update your employee training program in one easy-to-use tool. Now you can be sure every employee has access to all the training they need to be successful.

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Why Easygenerator?

Setting up an employee training program can be easy. Easygenerator puts the creation of e-learning in the hands of the experts: your employees. With our intuitive employee training platform, you can seamlessly empower anyone in your company to create, maintain, and update learning content.

Easy-to-create employee training program
Our e-learning solution is made easy so that anyone can create, share, and track custom learning content. Now you can be sure you have everything you need to give all employees they training needed to excel.
Create, share, and track in one place
The best employee training software programs should monitor your learners' progress. Our tracking engine gives insights into learners’ performance and engagement to identify learner feedback and which courses need improvement.
Seamlessly integrate with existing systems
Already have employee training systems in place and just want the courses? No problem! We make it easy to combine your Easygenerator courses with any LMS, LXP, or LRS through SCORM, xAPI, and more.
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Frequently asked questions
Yes! The beauty of Easygenerator is that it has all the features you need to create an e-learning program for your employees from scratch. From course creation to advanced tracking features, you can be sure to give employees the training plan they need to be successful.
Yes, we will! You don’t have to be alone in setting up your employee training program. Let our Customer Success Managers set you and your team up for success. We offer support 19 hours a day, 5 days a week to ensure you create the best training program for employees.
The number one goal of our e-learning authoring tool is to make content creation a piece of cake. That's why Easygenerator has features that let you drag and drop content, get in-app feedback from coworkers, hand out certificates in the blink of an eye, and so much more. That's also why our Customer Support team is always happy to help you out via our in-app chat. Or phone or email, if that's what you prefer.
Easygenerator has ready-to-use templates that you can download and personalize. We have a page filled with these templates, about all sorts of topics: COVID-19, remote productivity, effective online meetings, and more! You can remove and add content, videos, questions, and even change images and colors.