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Barriers to knowledge sharing
Overcoming the top 5 barriers to knowledge sharing
Knowledge sharing is a crucial factor today for maintaining a skilled, well-trained workforce. It’s no wonder some of the world’s…
6 benefits of knowledge sharing
Knowledge sharing is a huge topic that includes multiple different angles to be analyzed. Check out here its benefits for…
how and why share knowledge
Why knowledge sharing in the workplace is the key to success
Sharing your knowledge through an e-learning course is a great initiative, but it only adds real value if you have…
business benefits of knowledge management strategies and systems
7 business benefits of knowledge management
As any business leader knows, managing your organization’s assets effectively is one of the key conditions for success. Yet many…
Learn how to share your knowledge
If you share your knowledge at work it would bring to much value to your organization. Learn how to share…
knowledge management
The 9 steps to implement a knowledge management process
Knowledge management is a collaborative process that enables the retention and sharing of expertise in an organization. It aims to…
powerpoint to e-learning
Turn your PowerPoint into effective e-learning
How do we enable employees to share knowledge with less time, less resource, and less guidance? Turn your information-overloaded PowerPoint…
How to turn curation into knowledge sharing
How to turn curation into knowledge sharing
Within the 70:20:10 framework, curation is one of the quickest ways for SMEs to share knowledge. However, most curated content…
Other 702010
The Other 70:20:10 Rule
Did you know a similar 70:20:10 rule applies to creating Employee-generated Learning content?
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