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Introducing: The New Course Editor

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Creating the structure of your eLearning courses or assessments is at the heart of what engages your learners. Without the right effective structure and engagement, turning the course content into learning outcomes (goals that describe how each student will be different based on their learning experience) is much harder.

So the last few months we have been working very hard on building the new course editor for easygenerator.

Today we’re happy to officially introduce the all-new easygenerator drag and drop course editor! The new editor creates a completely new user experience and changes how a user structures their courses.

Easygenerator New Editor

Drag and Drop Creation and Inline Editing

  • The big picture of a course on one page: sections and their content and questions are on one list.
  • Fully drag and drop based: create and re-arrange the course structure by dragging and dropping items.
  • Moving content and questions from one section to another has never been so easy.
  • Smart overview of all available question types

New Editor Easygenerator

New Easygenerator Editor

Getting started with the new editor

To see the new editor, open the easygenerator app – Once there, you will see an option to try the new course editor on the wide green bar on the top of the screen.


For now, you will be able to switch back-and-forth between the current editing experience and the brand new course editor.


Within the new course editor, you’ll likely notice a few things. First off, you can create and re-arrange sections and their content and questions directly on the page. Moving content and questions from one section to another has never been so easy.


Second, now it’s possible to edit section titles inline, directly on the page.

Last but not least, it’s really awesome. Okay, I made that last one up, but this new drag and drop experience streamlines how you create your eLearning courses to help make them easier, faster and have more control on the structure.

Thank you!

We LOVE feedback! Hearing from you helps to shape easygenerator in the right direction. Learning what you like and dislike, want to see more of, what inspires you and what’s important when you create eLearning courses all help us as we design for YOU.

If you’ve got feedback about the latest course editor, we’d be grateful if you’d take a moment to share it with us on our support form.

Update: we continue with improvements…

Based on the feedback that we have received from our enthusiastic users, it’s been already decided to make several improvements within the next few weeks to the new editor in order to make it even better. The most missed and the most requested addition to the new editor is the navigation bar that was not added to the question and content pages. I’m glad to announce that this addition will be added soon.


How to use PowerPoint, Word or PDF files in Easygenerator

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In Easygenerator it is possible to upload your PowerPoint as a starting point for your course, but it is also possible to embed any kind of other document; PowerPoints, Word, Excel, PDF. It is (not yet) possible to upload your document directly in Easygenerator (we are working on that). But here is a simple way that will give you the same result.

  1. Upload your document to a webservice like Google docs or Slideshare. Both services are free.
  2. Get an embed code for your document
  3. Paste that code into Easygenerator (use the video embed field for now)

And that is it. To make sure you also get all the details we created a short Easygenerator course on this topic. It contains info on how to upload your PowerPoint into Easygenerator and how to use Google Docs and Slideshare in order to get your documents into Easygenerator.



How to reuse content in Easygenerator

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When you have created content, you might want to reuse it. You have for example, created a course with content pages and questions, and now you want to create a quiz with the same questions. This post will tell you how to achieve that.

Duplicate or reuse?

In Easygenerator you can duplicate a course in the course list:

duplicate course

And you can move/copy or duplicate a question:

duplicate question

The disadvantage is that you will get a copy of the course and of the question. There are now two versions and you have to manage and maintain both of them.

Reuse of learning objectives

The real reuse power of Easygenerator is hidden a bit in the learning objectives (or sections which is the same). They are stored separately and it is easy to reuse them. Let’s assume you have a course with three sections/objective. Each section/objective has content pages and questions like in the image below. I want to create an assessment with the questions from this course.

Here are your steps:

1. Create a new course. Choose the type assessment.


2. Type a title for your assessment.
3. Choose “connect existing” in order to reuse your existing objectives/sections
4. Search your objectives in the left column and drag them to the right column. Click “confirm”.
5. Publish your Assessment in the tab Publish

That’s it.

There are two main advantages to the reuse option:

  1. You don’t duplicate your content, which means if you change something either in the original course or in the new assessment, the change will apply to both of them. Less maintenance!
  2. When you create a new assessment like in the example and publish it, it will get a new publication link. This means that you can publish your course and your assessment next to each other.


Learning path in easygenerator: beta testers wanted!

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At easygenerator we it is our goal to help our authors to create more effective eLearning. That is the reason we have implemented learning objectives as part of the flow of the course creation, it is also the reason we have the learning objective maker, based on Blooms taxonomy. And now we have added Learning paths, the way to better retention, byte-sized mobile learning and adaptive learning; in short to better and more effective eLearning. It is just the first implementation, but we will build on this in the next few months. In order to make it spot on we are looking for people who want to beta test this and give us feed back.

Learning path beta 1During the period of the beta test we will give you free access to easygenerator. Interested? Contact us at if you want beta test our application.


If you want to know more on the what, why, how and when of learning paths, please read the full post at the blog of Kasper Spiro



New! Weekly meet the experts Q&A session on easygenerator by KasperSpiro

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By frequent request we are starting again with weekly Question and Answer sessions on Easygenerator hosted by easygenerator’s CEO Kasper Spiro. The sessions will be held on each Thursday at 11 AM EDT (New York time), 5 PM CET (Amsterdam time). These sessions are free of charge and anyone can join.


Set up of the Q&A Session

During the session Kasper will discuss questions of the participants and will show the solution to those questions in Easygenerator.  The Q&A session has three goals:

  1. Showing you how you can solve certain issues in Easygenerator
  2. Find missing functionality. If there are questions where Easygenerator does not have a solution for yet, we will discuss the requirements. If they are on the road map we will inform you on when these features will be in the product. If they are not on our road map we will consider adding them to the road map.
  3. If there is time left Kasper will also answer general questions on e-Learning

How to participate

We assume that you have some knowledge of Easygenerator, either as a customer or as a trial user. If you do not have any experience we advice you to watch our video demo before joining the Q&A session. If you want to join:

1. Send an email to

  • Please mention the date that you want to join the conversation.
  • We really appreciate it if you could also add the questions/topics that you would like to discuss.

2. Join the meeting

You will receive an invitation for the meeting. In the details you will find a link. Click the link a few minutes before the start of the session and that is it. You need:

  1. Internet connection via your computer or tablet in order to join
  2. A headset or microphone/speakers
  3. If you don’t have a headset you can dial in via one of the phone numbers that are also in the invitation details.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us. Mail us at

Login from this page

You can also login directly from this page just click here  to join the session.

Need to dial in for audio? Call one of the numbers below. You will be asked for an access code (976-706-957)

United States: +1 (571) 317-3129
Australia: +61 2 8355 1020
Austria: +43 (0) 7 2088 1047
Belgium: +32 (0) 28 08 4368
Canada: +1 (647) 497-9353
Denmark: +45 (0) 69 91 89 28
Finland: +358 (0) 942 59 7850
France: +33 (0) 170 950 594
Germany: +49 (0) 692 5736 7317
Ireland: +353 (0) 19 030 010
Italy: +39 0 247 92 13 01
Netherlands: +31 (0) 208 080 219
New Zealand: +64 9 280 6302
Norway: +47 75 80 32 07
Spain: +34 911 82 9906
Sweden: +46 (0) 852 500 186
Switzerland: +41 (0) 435 0167 13
United Kingdom: +44 (0) 330 221 0088

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How to create a hotspot in Easygenerator

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At easygenerator we add features and improvements every week. This week I want to draw your attention to a cool new feature: The HotSpot

What is a hotspot?

A hotspot is basically a hyperlink on an image. A hotspot can link to a text with explanation, another image, a web page or a document. In our first implementation we only have a text option.

Why should I want to use a hotspot?

With the text hotspot that we implemented you can add text or explanations to an image. The advantage is that the user will only see the image, and will get the extra info in the context (if he or she hovers over the hotspot with the mouse).

How do I add a hotspot in easygenerator?

I will show you in a few simple steps. I also recorded a video showing the process in which I added some nice easygenerator tips as a bonus!

You can add hotspots to all content and question items in easygenerator. If you want to add content in a topic or question just click button:



After that you will see two buttons. Press ‘Add hotspot on an image’.



A dialog will be show where you can select the image to place the hotspots on:


Drag the hotspot, fill in the text you want to appear and press save.


The learner will see this hotspot on hover over:



To see this in action check out the video, including some extra tips.


Use your PowerPoint as a starting point for an eLearning course

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67% of all new users of easygenerator’s Free, Starter and Plus Plan are now people with no background in instructional design. Teachers, trainers, subject matter experts and people who are working in HR departments. Many of them were working in PowerPoint and want to move beyond that. This is the reason we now added a PowerPoint import to all editions of easygenerator.

How do I import a PowerPoint

Well, it’s easy. When you are on the course page in easygenerator, just click the ‘New Course’ button. You now have an option to start a course from scratch or to import a PowerPoint.

New course dialog

If you want to create a course out of a PowerPoint choose ‘PowerPoint import’. You can then select a PowerPoint from your local machine and upload it. The PowerPoint will be automatically converted into a course and each slide will be a page. Each slide will automatically contain all the text and the images from your presentation. It doesn’t import graphs and other PowerPoint specific elements, but we will add that feature later.

How do I create a course from a PowerPoint?

An e-Learning course is very different than a presentation. So it’s just a quick starting point. Step one of course is to add your learning objectives, after that you need to add questions and rearrange your content. We recently created a course on how to design an eLearning course, it contains all the steps and instructions to get your eLearning to the next level and make your eLearning course more effective. Click here to start that course.

Help us to improve the PowerPoint import!

We really value your opinion so please let us know what you thought of the PowerPoint import! You can also help us by indicating which feature is most important to you or tell us what you think is still missing. We will use this information to set the priorities for our product development.


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New release of easygenerator

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New release of easygenerator

As promised we will  roll-out a new release every two months with new and improved functionality. . We just released the latest edition of easygenerator with new features that help you create courses fast and easy:

Content item

This is what other software calls a slide. For easygenerator  the term  is  too limiting, since you can embed rich media like YouTube  very easily. Adding a slide (or content page)  is  our most requested feature because up until now you could only create content directly attached to a question. Now, with a content page you can add context to a question.

Single choice image

The single choice image question  gives  the option to present a number of images so  the user has to pick the correct one. This question type is available from Starter Plan and up.

Single Choice Image in Easygenerator

Text matching

The text matching question type gives you the opportunity to present the learner with two lists of words or phrases. The learner has to match the correct items by dragging an item from the right side to the correct one on the left side. This question type is also available from Starter Plan and up.

Text Matching Question Type in Easygenerator

Dropdown list in the Fill in the blanks questions

We’ve improved the already existing  “Fill in the Blanks” questions. Since  users came very  close to identifying the right answer but didn’t use the correct word, we now provide  the learner more direction for the right answer with a drop down word list.

Fill In The Blanks Question Type in Easygenerator

General enhancements

In this roll-out:

  • We made it easier to create a new course. Just click + New course on the Courses page and a new course will be created using the Simple Course template. If you want to use another template you can switch to  another template on the Design Tab.
  • The large background images added to the “Drag and Drop text” question designer are now scaled after uploading it to fit the Drag and Drop Designer area. This solves the problem  that only a part of the image was shown.
  • We made it easier to share a course with  learners. We added a Share now button that is always visible, on the top of the screen next to the Preview course button. When you click it, your course is  published on the easygenerator course server. A private URL link is generated that you can share with  learners,giving them access to your course.

Upgrade Easygenerator

Thank you for  the feedback, ideas, wishes and bug reports you’ve submitted. Your feedback really helps us  improve our solution, including functionality and look and feel, so your courses look great.  The  web edition has been  live for  only  9 months and it already has 5.000 users in more than 100 countries! Keep sending your feedback! We really value it.  Use the feedback button in the application or email us at, Thank you and have fun authoring.

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Improved adaptive courses with easygenerator’s Plus edition

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Easygenerator and its partner, Inbrain, together have collaborated to create a completely new adaptive master page (template) for the Windows based Plus Edition of easygenerator. The adaptive template integrates easygenerator’s unique approach to aligning course learning objectives, questions and content pages. It will provide the learner with an at-a-glance view of the course, including location in the course and what additional pages and activities the learner must complete to reach their identified goal. Read more »