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Improved adaptive courses with easygenerator’s Plus edition

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Easygenerator and its partner, Inbrain, together have collaborated to create a completely new adaptive master page (template) for the Windows based Plus Edition of easygenerator. The adaptive template integrates easygenerator’s unique approach to aligning course learning objectives, questions and content pages. It will provide the learner with an at-a-glance view of the course, including location in the course and what additional pages and activities the learner must complete to reach their identified goal. Read more »


Getting ready for LSCON

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Next week is the Learning Solution Conference in Orlando. I will go there for the fourth year in a row. It is probably my most favorite conference (at my least favorite place).


This year it will be extra fun, easygenerator does’t have a booth there (we moved all our marketing online), so I will be able to attend a lot of sessions and blog on them. As part of my preparation I always go through the conference app, and I check out all the sessions and add all possibly interesting sessions to my schedule, I have selected over 30 sessions in the first run! A lot of them will be at the same time slots, so I will not attend all them all. But it is interesting to see what is there, I’m always looking for trends.

As keynotes we have:

  1. Soren Kaplan – Redefining innovation
  2. Douglas Merrill - Redefining Data
  3. Cathy Davidson - Redefining the Mind

Innovation, big data and our mind. Interesting topics and the LSCON has a great record of booking keynote speakers from outside the world of learning that give you new insights. I’m looking forward to all three. Redefining is also interesting. It looks like eLearning has come at a turning point. A lot of things are going on: mobile, TinCan, workplace learning, informal learning, agile development and more. And not at least the initiative about serious eLearning from a number of our thought leaders urging us to do a better job (and they are right, check it out).

If I categorize the sessions I have selected I come to this list:


# sessions

Agile development


Future of learning (including elearning manifesto)


Learner in Control


Tools development




Connect to the real world (workplace)


Big data




Interesting. Last year there were hardly any session on TinCan and Agile. Now I have 5 on topics. The topic with the most sessions is about connecting learning to the workplace (or the real world) also an interesting development. I will check them out for you and will report each day from the conference (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) and will finish with a recap of the conference. I will post these reports both on easygenerator and on

And a tip I have to give to you all, if you want to follow the conference, check the conference back channel moderated by David Kelly, who is also is the organizer of the conference. There are already interesting posts there! It is the best way to follow LSCON from a distance!

Kasper Spiro

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Easygenerator is looking for an Online Marketer

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Easygenerator is a fast growing software company delivering an eLearning authoring tool from the cloud. As an internet company our marketing and sales activities are mostly online. We are looking for an online marketer who will define and lead our online marketing and PR activities and further build the easy generator community (active users).

Desired Skills and Experience of the online marketeer

  • You are experienced in (online) marketing, PR and demand generation activities
  • You breathe social media and online advertising
  • You thrive in a fast-paced, high-growth software environment
  • You love engaging with key stakeholders such as analysts, journalists and thought leaders
  • You have experience with and interest in e-Learning
  • You have experience in building communities driving active usage and contribution
  • English is your native language
  • You are (preferably) based in the Netherlands, but if you are in an other country fee free to apply.

Our offer

  • We’ll give you a competitive salary
  • You can work from our Rotterdam or Utrecht office, or work from home


Mail to (CEO easygenerator)