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Learn how to use Easygenerator to create training easily and fast. Follow the course, pass the exam, and start producing content for your learners.

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Why get certified?
Our Easygenerator training is a great first step in becoming an author of engaging trainings. You will learn how to use our features to produce courses your learners will love and remember. When you pass, you get a certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile and show the world your skill.

What will I learn?

The Easygenerator training teaches you how to use our tool’s features to the fullest potential. By the end of this course, producing training is as easy as it gets. Among other things, you will learn how to:

  • define learning objectives
  • design and create content
  • collaborate with co-authors
  • measure a training's success
  • structure a course
  • publish training
  • report results
How do I start?
Go to the course
Click on this link or on the button at the top of this page, sign in with your learner account (or create one for free), and follow the course track.
Follow 10 modules
Easygenerator is a zero learning-curve tool. The training consists of 10 modules that show you all its features and possibilities.
Show the world your certificate
When you pass successfully, you are an Easygenerator author. You get a certificate to show to your colleagues and everyone on LinkedIn.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Easygenerator training official?
Yes, this is our official training. Our e-learning specialists made it according to our latest guidelines and technology.
Is the Easygenerator course free?
The Easygenerator training is entirely free of charge. All you need is a free account. That lets you access the training and follow your progress.
How long is the certificate valid?
Your certificate is valid for one year. After that year, the chances are big that our tool has been improved and offers new possibilities. By retaking the course each year, you can learn about all the new features.
Can I share this course with a colleague that doesn’t use Easygenerator?
You can share this course with others. However, they need to get a free account to follow the course. That way they can access the training and follow their progress.