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Product update: April 2019

Improvements to the brand new All-in-one template and multilingual localization of courses using XLIFF, an industry standard for the localization of content. Learn all about the most recent features and enhancements that help you share your knowledge more effectively.

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All-in-one template improvements

The brand new All-in-one template, which was publicly released in March 2019, is becoming more and more popular among our users due to its modern look and feel, animated transitions and improved performance. We will continue releasing improvements and features for this new template.

This month we are delighted to announce the following features have been added to the All-in-one template:

Review mode

Adding comments in Easygenerator is a useful way to give feedback, add notes and suggestions for other co-authors in the course. You can write specific notes to the authors who created the course or suggest a particular piece of content. All feedback is immediately visible within Easygenerator for the relevant content or question type. Starting from April it’s also available with the All-in-one template! If you are not yet using the review feature – you can check our help article that explains the details.

External review feature

Course afterword

A well-known feature that was available in the Assessment template only is now also available in the All-in-one template. The course afterword is the perfect place to give your learners some feedback or tips on what to do next based on how they did in the course. Going even further, authors can add links to other courses in the afterword fields, which can be an extremely powerful tool to create smart learning paths. Learners will be suggested to take one set of courses when they haven’t passed the course yet and need to do some extra study, and another set of suggested courses when they’ve passed the course and want to continue learning. A very simple, yet flexible tool!

Learn more about the course afterword and how you can benefit from it here.

Scale your e-learning activities

Discover the power of Employee-generated Learning and how it can help speed up the circulation of knowledge in your organization.

Text matching improvements

And last, but not least, the All-in-one template features the new presentation of the text matching questions, which makes it more usable on mobile devices and touch screen. Thanks to feedback from your active users we improved the user experience for this question type to make it even more user-friendly.

New feature! Translate your courses into multiple languages using XLIFF export and import

XLIFF may sound complex, but in fact, this is just a file format. XLIFF stands for XML Localization Interchange File Format and it’s an industry standard for the localization of content.

So when there are courses that should be available in multiple languages, you’re going to love this new feature as it’s a great time-saver.

Using XLIFF, you or your co-authors can export all the course texts into an XLIFF 1.2 file in just one click, and then easily import the file once it’s been translated. A new course is created in this case and all your original texts are replaced by the translated text. It’s as easy as that!

Individual users, as well as large organizations, can find it very useful when it comes to the localization of your learning content.

Translating your courses and content using professional translators, agencies or services?

XLIFF 1.2 is an industry-standard for translations and localization, that means most of the translation tools and professional translators regularly work with it, which guarantees a smooth translation process.

And what if the courses should be translated by fellow co-workers?

No worries, as there is a bunch of tools you can find on the internet, both free and commercial, that allow you to easily edit XLIFF files and accomplish the translations.

Here’s how it works in Easygenerator:

  1. For example, a course is created in English and it should be translated into Spanish, French, and German.
  2. Authors or co-authors can download all the texts in an XLIFF file.
  3. The XLIFF file should be sent to your translators or co-workers who are willing to help.
  4. Once the translations are done, 3 XLIFF files (one for each language) will be provided.
  5. Now authors can easily import these 3 files in Easygenerator, so Spanish, French and German versions of the course are automatically created.

Xliff feature


  • Since there are separate courses for each language – authors can tweak those courses by changing English assets (images, video and audio assets, voice-overs, attached documents) with Spanish, French and German replacements. It can be used to adapt the media content and can be extremely useful to meet different regional requirements, laws, and legislation in different countries.
  • Translating courses into different languages could mean that the content becomes shorter or longer. With Easygenerator you can relax since all Easygenerator courses are responsive and optimized to work on any device, whether that’s a mobile device, tablet or desktop. Easygenerator users can be sure that the localized content will be automatically adjusted to fit any language on any device.

Sounds like magic, right? Yeah, we like that as well!

To summarize, the XLIFF import/export feature provides you with the following benefits:

  • Send text content from a course to your translators in a single file, and then receive translations that can be easily used to create localized versions of the course.
  • Tweak your content independently for each language to meet cultural and legal requirements in different parts of the world.
  • Focus on the content, as Easygenerator automatically makes sure your localized content looks great on any device, thanks to its modern responsive and adaptive design.

The XLIFF feature will be publicly available at the beginning of May – stay tuned.

What to expect in the coming months

While we are going to continue to work on polishing the All-in-one template and will keep releasing improvements every week, another big upcoming update will include improvements to the external review and co-authoring features. Stay tuned!

That’s it for this month! If you like the update or have any questions, please let us know.

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Valera Kontsedailo is the Product Owner at Easygenerator and has a PhD in information and communication technologies in education. Born and raised in Ukraine, he moved to the Netherlands in 2019 where he runs the product department of Easygenerator.

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