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Publishing and sharing: showcasing know-how

One of the things that makes Employee-generated Learning (EGL) so popular is that content can easily be shared with learners once it’s cleared.

Videhi Bhamidi
egl publishing and sharing

Originally posted March 11, 2019

In Part 4 of our blog series on Employee-generated Learning, we looked at one of its most exciting benefits – the chance to collaborate with others.

In this next part, we’ll focus on how authoring tools can drastically speed up content publication and to a whole variety of learners. We’ll also look at some of the benefits for course creators themselves when it comes to showcasing their knowledge.

Publishing your employees’ content

Authoring tools like Easygenerator allow you to automate that process. For example, by permitting employees to publish content at the click of a button.

By publishing through your authoring tool, as Easygenerator allows, employees can’t interfere with your LMS – another major benefit.

Course creators can choose to publish their content either on the Easygenerator cloud or have it hosted by their own organization. They can also upload it on the corporate LMS, embed it on a website, or sell it via Coggno.

The software is compatible with many different devices. As a result, employees who create content can expect a lot of exposure inside and outside of their networks.

Learners also get a chance to find out a little more about the course creators themselves, who can add a short biography highlighting their expertise. They can even choose to share their contact details, allowing learners to get in touch with them directly.

Scale your e-learning activities

Discover the power of Employee-generated Learning and how it can help speed up the circulation of knowledge in your organization.

Easygenerator has several functions that make showcasing content as easy as possible. This includes options to:

  • Embed content by generating a code that allows you to link to a course on your website.
  • Share a private link. As a default setting, you can store content on Easygenerator’s server and then give learners access via a private link.
  • Sell your course, for example, via Coggno – an online training marketplace and LMS.
  • Publish it on your LMS by downloading it as a SCORM 1.2 package.
  • Publish it on your own web server or cloud by downloading it as an HTML package.
  • Share it at any time by clicking the share button. This will generate a private link or embedded code.

Conclusion: sharing made easy

Authoring tools like Easygenerator make it easier for employees to come up with their own content. They can then share it with others inside and outside of their organization. The additional functionalities mean that employees are able to get recognition for their effort and their expertise.

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About the author

Videhi Bhamidi is a Learning Product Consultant at Easygenerator. With over 15 years of experience in e-learning, user-experience research, and thought-leadership projects, she is a regular contributor to L&D magazines. She is an Oxford alumnus and strives to fuse design, research, technology, and didactics in her solutions.