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Product update: July 2023

Last month, our product team worked hard to enhance your experience with Easygenerator. We’re happy to present new and improved features so you can keep providing the best learning experiences. 

2 min. read • Sera Özkıvanç

What’s new?

  • Generate course outlines
  • Create courses without sections
  • Add more interactivity with ‘Card sorting’
  • Generate review links without publishing course
  • View ‘Last modified’ dates on your courses
  • See learner profile pictures

Streamline course creation with Outline Builder

We’re excited to introduce a brand new feature, Outline Builder, designed to aid both novice and seasoned authors in creating well-structured courses with ease. Outline Builder provides a clear framework for course creation, transforming the often daunting task of outlining into a simple three-step process:

  1. Establish the context of your course and specify topics
  2. Choose the most suitable content type and organize your topics
  3. Preview and generate your course outline

Just navigate to ‘Create a new course’ and select ‘Outline Builder.’ The tool will guide you through the process. Dive into our blog post to uncover how outlining streamlines content creation.

Say goodbye to mandatory sections

We always strive to provide flexibility in your e-learning course creation process. Keeping this in mind, we’ve eliminated the mandatory need to create sections within your course. Now, you have the freedom to create a course made entirely of pages. This significant change offers a more streamlined and free-flowing course design. Stay tuned for even more updates enhancing your course structuring options!

Add interactivity with ‘Card sorting’

Listening to your feedback, we’ve added a new interactive feature – card sorting! This feature allows you to create categories and related cards. Your learners will then have the chance to drag and drop each card into its correct category, making learning an interactive and immersive experience.

Additional technical upgrades

This month, our team worked on a variety of other technical upgrades to improve your e-learning content creation experience:

  • Generating review links without publishing: Authors can now generate a review link for a course without publishing it. This means you can share review links ahead of schedule, ensuring your course stays private until publication.
  • Last modified date displayed on courses: We’ve added a ‘last modified’ date to each course thumbnail. This makes it easier to track updates while browsing through your course list.
  • Learner profile pictures: Learners can now personalize their learning journey by adding or changing their profile pictures.

What’s next?

We’re working hard to add new features to make it even easier for your organization to share knowledge. Check out our previous updates and stay tuned so you don’t miss out on exciting features and improvements.

About the author

Sera Özkıvanç is a writer, marketer, and the resident content specialist at Easygenerator. Over the last four years, she’s written marketing content for various SaaS brands around the world. These days, she’s doing her best to embrace the rainy weather in Rotterdam.

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  • 14 day trial with access to all features. Start with variety of course templates.
  • 14 day trial with access to all features. Start with variety of course templates.