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Product update: July 2021

This month we have been hard at work to give you a bunch of new features to make your experience with Easygenerator even better and keep your learning stack at the highest level. Let us give you a quick overview so you can keep providing the best learning experiences – no matter what.

Molly Brooks

What’s new?

You can now add co-authors directly from your organization list, so you no longer need to add them by email; skip the step of choosing a template for your course so you can get started creating a course with our all-in-one template right away; add alternative text for images so users who are sight-impaired or unable to view the image can access the information; WCAG improvements to make Easygenerator even more accessible; HTML tags switcher for XLIFF. Let’s explore these new features in more detail! 

Add co-authors directly from your organization list  

We’ve made it even easier to add co-authors to your courses. No need to add the email of each individual user in your organization when you want to collaborate, now you can add co-authors to your course directly from your organization’s list of users. All you need to do is open the course on which you want to collaborate, click Co-authors in the upper right corner of the editor and select “+Invite co-authors by name or email” where the list of all organization members will appear, select the co-authors you want to add, and they will receive an invitation after you press the “Add co-authors” button.  

Skip choosing a template and start your course immediately

Get started creating your courses right away. Now, when you choose to start a new course, you no longer need to select a template style. All courses will, by default, be in Easygenerator’s All-in-One template format. With new and improved features, this template contains all the functionality of our most popular templates and enables you to create both e-learning courses and test/assessments.  

Convert PowerPoints to e-learning

Still using PowerPoint as e-learning? It’s time to stop. Watch our free webinar for expert tips on how to transform existing PowerPoints into interactive e-learning.

Add alternative text for images

Ensure that everyone gets all the information they need from your course content! As part of our WCAG improvements, with alternative text for images, you can be sure that users who cannot view the image will still receive the relevant information. Alternative text is the written description of an image that is read out loud by screen readers to help visually impaired users navigate the content. Alternative text can also appear in place of an image on a webpage if the image can’t be loaded on users’ screens. For more information on how to write good alternative text, check out our help article here. 

WCAG improvements 

In an effort to make Easygenerator as accessible as possible for all users, we’ve added some improvements to our WCAG. In addition to our alternative text for images, we improved our ARIA references to make more visual icons supported by voice, we made keyboard navigation possible to users can navigate through a course without the need of a mouse, and we enhanced the contrast of our themes to make it easier for everyone to see. We are constantly working to make Easygenerator more accessible, so look out for more similar improvements in the future. 

Choose whether to include HTML tags in XLIFF

To make the process of working with translation agencies easier, we’ve added the option to choose how to export courses in XLIFF. Now, you can choose to include HTML tags or leave them out as some agencies can’t support the functionality.  

What’s next?

Want to know what’s next? All we can tell you is that next month’s updates will be great too. We’re working hard to add new features to make it even easier to share knowledge. Getting excited? So are we.

Check our previous updates so you won’t have to miss out on exciting features and improvements.

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About the author

Molly Brooks is a copywriter at Easygenerator. After growing up in America, she moved to the Netherlands in 2019 ready for a new adventure. She enjoys finding Rotterdam’s best restaurants, exploring the outdoors, and cooking.

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