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Product update: February 2022

This month, our product team has worked hard to enhance your experience with Easygenerator. We’re happy to present new, and improved, features so you can keep providing the best learning experiences – no matter what. 

Molly Brooks

What’s new?

Further improvements to the content library to organize and identify your documents with ease; direct publication of your Easygenerator courses to EdCast, the leading LXP platform; WCAG improvements for learners to adjust the font size; Estonian added as a new language to the All-in-one template.  

Content library improvements

Over the past couple of months, we have been working hard to enhance the user experience with our content library. This month, to make it easier for you to organize and identify your files, we have added the possibility to filter your documents by file type (doc(x), pdf, xls(x), ppt(x), and zip). You will also be able to see the size of the document and the number of each file type.  


Direct publication to EdCast 

We are excited to introduce Easygenerator’s newest integration with EdCast, a leading Learning Experience Platform (LXP). With this integration, Easygenerator users with an EdCast account will be able to directly push their courses to the platform with the click of a button. Now, you can create and share knowledge in a more advanced way, while creating a fluid and user-centric approach to learning. 

WCAG improvements for learners  

Easygenerator is working to become a more accessible platform for all learners and authors. To maintain readability and avoid content collisions of written material, we’ve added the possibility for learners to adjust the font size within courses. Now, the font size in courses can be adjusted from “default” to “large,” “extra-large,” and “huge.” Learners will be able to find this in the user menu under “Font size adjustment.”  

New language: Estonian 

We’re proud that in almost every one of our monthly product updates, we can introduce a new language that we’ve added to our All-in-one template. We continue to hear requests for more languages as Easygenerator continues to gain popularity with authors and learners around the world. We’re excited that this month we’ve added Estonian as a new language. Now you have more options to tailor courses for your learners, no matter where they are or what language they speak. 

What’s next?

Want to know what’s next? All we can tell you is that next month’s updates will be great too. We’re working hard to add new features to make it even easier to share knowledge. Getting excited? So are we.

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About the author

Molly Brooks is a copywriter at Easygenerator. After growing up in America, she moved to the Netherlands in 2019 ready for a new adventure. She enjoys finding Rotterdam’s best restaurants, exploring the outdoors, and cooking.

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