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Product update: February 2019

The brand-new, All-in-one template in public beta, external review improvements and more! Learn all about the most recent features and enhancements that help you create better courses.

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All-in-one template in public beta

Based on the outcomes of our closed beta testing in January and February, we made a lot of improvements to the look and feel, performance and functionality of the new template.

We are proud to announce that the brand-new, All-in-one template will be available in a public beta release on the 7th of March.

How to reduce the size of elements in an easygenerator template

Here are some of the main benefits that the new e-learning course template brings to our valued users:

  • The All-in-one template helps you to easily create the most engaging courses by applying the latest user experience (UX) and didactic principles, so your learners acquire knowledge much faster.
  • Better readability due to its optimized layout and improved white spacing to direct the learner’s attention to where it matters most.
  • It also features fonts that have been proven to be ideal for engaging with the reader. Specially designed, animated transitions between screens keep the learner alert and interested in seeing what comes next. The action buttons in the template have also been strategically redesigned to create a more interactive learning experience.
  • Improved responsiveness, courses are optimized for mobile and guarantee similar learning impact as the larger desktop versions.

Choose the right authoring tool

Our experts created the ultimate guide to help you select an authoring tool that fits your organization’s needs.

Improved external review: New UI and extra features

Leave comments on Easygenerator courses

Adding comments in Easygenerator is a useful way to give feedback and add notes and suggestions for other co-authors in the course. You can also write specific notes to the authors who created the course or wrote a particular piece of content.

All feedback is also immediately visible within Easygenerator for the relevant content or question type.

One of the top requests we have received was to make it possible to use comments as tasks and mark comments as “resolved.” This action is very familiar to people who use Google Docs to collaborate on documents and content.

You can mark a comment as “done” to show you’ve addressed it. When you’re incorporating comments and suggestions, it helps to keep track of what you’ve done and what you’re still working on.

The resolved comments are not visible by default. You can view them anytime using the filtering option. This is really useful if a comment has been “resolved” but you want to check it or even reopen it to keep it as a reminder for your co-authors and yourself.

What to expect in the coming months

We will continue to work on polishing the All-in-one e-learning course template and keep releasing improvements every week. Major improvements that can be expected in March are:

  • More branding options
  • Spacing and layout improvements
  • Mastery score settings

Just to name a few.

That’s it for this month! If you like the update or have any questions, please let us know in the chat.

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About the author

Valera Kontsedailo is the Product Owner at Easygenerator and has a PhD in information and communication technologies in education. Born and raised in Ukraine, he moved to the Netherlands in 2019 where he runs the product department of Easygenerator.

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