e-learning and blended learning
How to apply e-learning in a blended approach
Fundamental to the success of blended learning is successful e-learning (or online training) components. In this article, we’ll look into…
By Danielle Agass on Mar 9th 2018
Dyslexie font added to Easygenerator to assist learners with Dyslexia
The Station Rotation model of blended learning has seen success & popularity worldwide. But what are the benefits & limitations…
By Kasper Spiro on Mar 8th 2018
authoring tool deep dive
Authoring tools deep dive: What do users create with Easygenerator?
Authoring tools are used for lots of different types of learning content, but can we detect a trend within large…
By Kasper Spiro on Mar 6th 2018
12 edtech tools
12 tools for getting ahead with Employee-generated Learning
How can L&D teams find the right solution while also keeping up with their companies' fast-paced, business-driven learning needs? The…
By Kasper Spiro on Mar 2nd 2018
egl success stories
Managing The Shift To Employee-generated Learning: 3 Success Stories
Learning departments face inevitable questions as they move toward Employee-generated Learning: will the content be any good? Who is accountable…
By Kasper Spiro on Feb 27th 2018
6 questions authoring tool
6 questions to ask before choosing an e-learning authoring tool
With literally hundreds of options available, it can be tricky choosing an e-learning authoring tool that’s right for your needs…
By Kasper Spiro on Feb 14th 2018
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