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How to create proper learning objectives

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When you want to create a really bad learning experience, this is the way to do it:

  1. Don’t think about your learners
  2. Dump a body of information in a course as if it was a PowerPoint
  3. Add a few images (has to look good)
  4. Add a few questions (for scoring)
  5. Upload it into your LMS

Everybody knows (or should know) that learning development starts with defining clear learning objectives. In the new web edition of easygenerator you can’t create any content or questions without creating a learning objective first. The idea is that we help people in this way to create better courses. Easygenerator is the only e-Learning authoring software that works this way. However there is a catch: If you create bad learning objectives, you will get equally bad courses. To solve this problem, easygenerator is developing an eLearning course that will instruct you on how to create great learning objectives. Additionally, easygenerator will build a tool within easygenerator that will support authors to develop proper learning objectives. But as a start I will write a series of post covering the foundation of instructional design. First step is of course Learning objectives and Blooms taxonomy.
Because this is of wider interest than the readers of this blog I decided to publish the article in the Click on the image below to read the complete article.Objectives post

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Easygenerator is looking for an online marketing intern

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Easygenerator is a young, rapidly growing Internet business. Easygenerator provides cloud-based eLearning authoring software. It enables instructional designers and subject matter experts to create learning materials with a high learning impact. The software is used by over 5,000 users in more than 120 countries, in corporations, not-for-profits, government agencies, and educational institutions.

What do we offer?
An exciting internship in a high growth company. You will be a critical part of the team with your own assigned tasks and responsibilities. You will be paid an internship salary and compensation for expenses. Easygenerator has its offices in Rotterdam and Utrecht.

What are you going to do?
As the marketing intern, you will be involved in various forms of marketing and communications, with a strong focus on online promotion. You will be responsible for executing the content strategy of easygenerator (blogs, press releases and social media). You will coordinate the creation of new articles, write new blog articles or press releases, and manage the social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook). Read more »


Easy Generator Starter Plan – Release Notes

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Today easygenerator launches the first web-based subscription plan of its eLearning authoring tool. The easygenerator Starter Plan is available for $19 (15 Euro) a month per user. The new Starter Plan offers an eLearning alternative to PowerPoint. Easygenerator CEO Kasper Spiro explains:

“PowerPoint was never designed for eLearning. We have all experienced “death by PowerPoint” presentations. More importantly, learning retention from PowerPoint is low. Easygenerator Starter Plan allows authors to create measurable, personalized and high quality eLearning courses at a fraction of the typical cost. Best of all, no technical or instructional design skills are needed .

The Starter Plan comes with many new features that simplify eLearning design to help authors create high quality, and engaging learning experiences for learners. The new enhancements are detailed in the sections below.

Compatibility with Learning Management Systems (LMS)

The new version allows authors to publish responsive courses on the web (using Tin Can for tracking and tracing), and to any LMS using the SCORM 1.2 export.

Image Library

An interactive image library allows authors to easily manage uploaded image files. Also, all templates can be customized with your logo.

External Review

One of the most used features of easygenerator’s Windows Edition – the external review – has also been incorporated in the Web Edition. The external review feature allows authors to invite anyone to review courses without the need for additional licenses. The process is simple and user-friendly. The course author invites a reviewer via e-mail with a link to the course. A reviewer accesses the course using any browser to open a fully functional course that includes a “comments page” for each page in the course. Reviewers add comments directly in the authoring environment, so changes can be easily made based on the feedback given.


In managing and designing courses authors can set the order of learning objectives and questions. Also, using templates for a quiz or a simple course makes it even easier to create interactive personalized eLearning courses with assessments. And, the preview function allows authors to see the course before publishing it, as it will look to the learner.

The Starter Edition is an extension of the Free Web Edition, launched by easygenerator in October 2013. Based on user feedback, many improvements have been made in addition to new and improved features. These improvements have also been made to the free edition.

The launch of the web-based Starter Edition is the first milestone in rolling out easygenerator’s complete suite of authoring tools for the web. A new Plus Edition, targeting instructional designers is planned for release this summer, bringing easygenerator’s full authoring capabilities to the web.

Easygenerator is driven by constant improvement. The next update of the Starter Edition is planned for April 1st 2014.

Download full release notes here

Try the new Starter Plan for 30 days

Easygenerator Vision on eLearning Software Market

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How We See The Future of e-Learning Software

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When I started working at easygenerator e-learning software in December 2010 we defined the mission and vision of our company. In the past 18 months we have learned a lot and it has had its influence on our mission and vision. It is not that our essence has changed; it’s more about finding better words to express ourselves. So here is the update. Read more »