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Easygenerator helps you to create the next level of eLearning. We have authoring solutions for non-eLearning professionals like teachers, subject matter experts and trainers and for eLearning professionals like course developers and instructional designers. Recognizing  that eLearning should be effective, engaging and attractive,  easygenerator is committed to assist you in creating such courses.

We do this through easygenerator’s cloud based eLearning authoring tool. It  facilitates the development process with:

  • smart templates, instructional and graphical
  • a structured approach of setting objectives
  •  measuring learning through assessments.
  • workflow and team assignments,
  • course development version control,
  • content reuse, and
  • one-click responsive publications: to the web, to any device, on any LMS

At easygenerator, we know elearning development is a collaborative process between instructional designers, developers and subject matter experts. Easygenerator let’s you share courses with other people so you can co-author.

At easygenerator, we recognize the importance of designing flexible courses that meet learners’ needs. That’s way the core of easygenerator’s design functionality is the learner. Learners can be involved in their learning through adaptive learning by creating their own learning path based on individualized pre-assessment outcomes.  The next level of elearning is easy with easygenerator.

eLearning authoring with easygenerator is available  in four plans: ranging from the Free Plan to the Pro Plan.

The advantage of experience

Easygenerator is founded in 1996, which gives us 18 years experience in eLearning authoring that you can take advantage of. Easygenerator’s head office is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We have a production facility in Zhytomyr Ukraine and a sales office in New York USA.

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